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Do You Have an Ed Plan?

Webpage 5g“Failing to plan is planning to fail.”

–Benjamin Franklin

What is an Ed Plan?

  • An Ed Plan is a semester-by-semester program of classes discussed with a counselor that best fits your educational goal. It will consist of GE, Major prep, and electives, if needed or wanted.

Should I do any other planning?

  • Nutrition/Dietetics is a competetive field. Following through on your education plan and earning a high GPA is a great start. Employers and internship preceptors are also looking for well-rounded applicants. Once you know what employers and internship directors are looking for, you can make a plan to acquire those skills and experiences too.


  1. Make an appointment with a counselor.

  2. Create an Ed Plan with your advisor.

  3. Contact Professor Wasef at to discuss careers in dietetics and create a plan to help you acquire experiences to support your career goal.