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Summer Bridge

Teaching and Learning Center San Marcos



Q. What is Summer Bridge?
A. The Summer Bridge Program is a three-week, or four-week non-credit program that prepares incoming, continuing and returning students for a comprehensive college experience that focuses on both academic and social success. Students receive an intensive ESL, English and/or Math review with potential to increase placement; gain study skills, time management and test taking strategies; learn how to navigate college services; and develop a peer support network.

Q. Is there a cost to the student to join the Summer Bridge Program?
A. There is no enrollment fee for this non-credit course. Students enrolled in the Summer Bridge program are required to pay the state-mandated student health fee by the end of the first week of the program, fee subject to change.

Q. Can I participate in both the Math Jam and ESL Jam/Write-On (English)?
A. Yes, you may apply and participate in both the ESL/Write-On and Math Jam sessions. There is no need to apply separately. Select both sessions when completing your Summer Bridge application.

Q. I have taken an ESL class (ESL 45 – ESL 101) and received a failing grade. Can I still apply to the ESL Jam?
A. Students who have received a D/F in these levels will be allowed to participate in ESL Jam at either campus.

Q. Who is eligible to participate in ESL Jam?
A. Students who have submitted a Palomar Application have an ESL placement on file, and have placed into ESL 45-ENG 100 are eligible to apply for ESL Jam – at both San Marcos and Escondido locations. If your home language is not English, you are strongly advised to participate in ESL Jam, even if you have placed into English 100.

Q. Who is eligible to participate in Math Jam?
A. Students who have submitted a Palomar Application, have a Math placement on file, and have placed into Math 15 through Math 135 are eligible to apply for Math Jam.

Q. Who is eligible to participate in Write-On (English)?
A. Students who have submitted a Palomar Application have an English placement on file, and have placed into English 10 or English 50A are eligible to apply for Write-On (English).

Q. How and when will I be notified if I am accepted?
A. Generally all applicants will be notified of their application status (acceptance, wait list or denial) no later than June 4th.

Q. How are students selected to participate?
A. Applications are reviewed as they are received. Spaces are limited so we encourage students to apply early.

Q. Will I receive college credit for participating in Summer Bridge?
A. Summer Bridge is a non-credit program.

Q. I have vacation plans and will need to miss a few days of Summer Bridge. Do I need to attend the entire session?
A. Students must commit to the entire program session, be on time and attend daily. Students will be automatically dropped from the Summer Bridge program if they miss more than 2 class sessions – no exceptions.

Q. I have applied to Summer Bridge. What do I need to do now?
A. We encourage you to check your Palomar College email account frequently. The TLC will take care of enrolling you in the Summer Bridge program. Once enrolled, we will contact you by email. Please note that the Summer Bridge program will appear on your class schedule as NBASC 201 for MATH JAM and NBASC 200 for Write-On and ESL JAM. If you are unable to participate in Summer Bridge after applying, please contact the TLC immediately so we can remove you from the program and give your space to another student.