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Summer Bridge

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Why Apply?

Summer Bridge

Summer Bridge is a program whose goal is to assist dedicated students in improving their skills in ESL, English, and/or Math. At the end of the program, the students will have an opportunity to be re-assessed to determine if they have placed higher in the subject area.

The Summer Bridge curriculum consists of three separate tracks:  one for ESL, one for English, and one for Math. Each track also provides instruction in reading and college success skills. Students work with faculty from each discipline and are supported by tutors at all times.

Program Highlights

  • Review ESL, English and/or Math with potential to increase placement
  • Form meaningful connections with students, staff and faculty
  • Participate in special activities and receive support throughout the year
  • Become familiar with the campus, student services, and available resources
  • Receive Fall registration assistance after the conclusion of each program (July and August)

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