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FYE Program Enrollment

Apply to Palomar College
Apply for admissions to Palomar College

Make an appointment for Assessment, Advisement and Orientation, and take the placement exam in Math and English (or ESL, if applicable), and in addition take the reading assessment.

Submit your financial aid application
We recommend that all students apply for financial aid, except International F-1 Visa students. To begin the process, you need to go online and complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA), which will determine your eligibility*. Students not eligible for FAFSA, please refer to the California Dream Act information. If you need additional information about the various types of student aid, please visit the Palomar Financial Aid website. (Be sure to use the IRS Data Retrieval Tool when you get to the Financial Information page). Check your Palomar email throughout the process.

Apply to FYE
Submit your online FYE application via your Palomar College eServices. Prior to committing to the program, all FYE participants are required to read and sign the Student Responsibility Contract in order to become eligible and receive FYE benefits/services. This agreement can be signed on the day of orientation and is only required of students who have been accepted into the FYE program.

Meet with a Palomar Counselor
See a counselor prior to enrolling in classes to ensure you meet prerequisites and are taking courses that meet your education goals. Schedule your appointment early to avoid the rush: (760) 891-7511. You may also obtain further information from the Counseling Center web pages.

Register and Pay Your Fees
Enroll in classes that will meet your educational goals. Once your application is processed, you will be issued an online registration appointment. You can register online at this day and time or anytime after. Remember to pay your fees immediately after registering.

FYE Orientation
All students accepted to the FYE program will be invited to the one-day FYE Orientation which is scheduled prior to the start of the fall semester. FYE students will be contacted with the orientation date and details during the summer.

June 2018

Check back for updates on TLC Skillshops for Fall 2018!