Palomar College Learning For Success

Mission 1: Create educational pathways for high school, college, and university students

The NSF ATE project provided the resource necessary to create high school geospatial courses that are articulated with the introductory GIS course at Palomar College.  High School students can receive college and high school credits by taking these articulated courses.  These articulated geospatial course has been offered at Orange Glen High School, Westview High School, and High Tech High-North County. The average enrollment in these articulate high school class is 20 students.

At the College level, a new course named GEOGRAPHY 150: GIS and Spatial Reasoning was offered.  This new course not only provides Palomar College students with training in geospatial analysis, but also grants elective credits for students wishing to pursue the associate’s degree in GIS at Palomar College.  Furthermore, this course is also articulated with San Diego State University (SDSU), where it fulfills SDSU’s entry level math requirements and is a core course for the bachelor’s degree in Geography

The project team is also in the final stages of finalizing a Geospatial Studies Minor degree at California State University – San Marcos, where Palomar College students can use their Palomar GIS coursework to substitute up to 3 of the 7 courses required for the minor degree.

Additionally, 2,873 middle school, high school, college, and university faculty and students gained an increased awareness of geospatial technology and education opportunities through a total of 25 outreach events that were offered during the project period (2010-2013).  Examples of these events include Earth Science Week, GIS Day, Tech Prep Open House, GearUp Workshops, Encuentros Leadership Conference, and many more.  Many of these events were hosted in collaboration with Palomar College offices such as the Earth Science Department, Palomar STEM Center, Grant Funded Student Program Office, CTE Transitions Office, and the Encuentros Program.