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Mission 3: Provide geospatial professional development opportunities for educators

Between 2010 and 2013, 5 introductory and intermediate level workshops were offered to educators in the regions. Educators who were accepted to the workshops first attended a 2 day introductory workshop, and participated in a virtual webinar one semester after the introductory workshop. The same educators attended a 2 day intermediate workshop one year after the introductory workshop, and partook in a virtual webinar one semester after the intermediate workshop.

An average of 15 participants attended each workshop.  These participants originated from 7 different institutions in the North San Diego County region, and represented 24 different disciplines, such as Anthropology, Biology, Environmental Engineering, Linguistics, Meteorology, and many more. Since the workshop, participants have implemented their GIS knowledge at their home institutions, which includes high schools, college, and universities. In addition, participants published their work in the CSU Geospatial Review, and integrated their new-found knowledge in their grants and research projects.

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