Classified Unit Classification Study

Classification Study: Current Progress

Posted 10/26/2015

The Classification Study Steering Committee has been reviewing Reward Strategy Group’s (RSG’s) responses to employee feedback.  RSG has also been in the process of completing the compensation survey portion of the study.  Following completion of these steps, all classified employees whose positions were included in the study and their supervisors will receive final notification of the proposed classification and salary allocations for their positions.

RSG has confirmed that the classification study is still on track for finalization in November, 2015.  Please note that finalization consists of RSG’s work on the classification and compensation portions of the study, and does not include negotiations between the District and CCE regarding implementation of the study.  Negotiations and study implementation will begin after RSG finalizes the study.  The final steps of the study are indicated below.

Class Study Timeline 9.3.2015

Class Study Updates and Correspondence

Classification Study Documents

Classification Study Orientation

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