Classified-Position Titles, Descriptions, & Grades

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Position TitleSalary Grade
Academic Department Assistant23
Academic Evaluator/Advisor24
Academic Evaluator/Advisor - Title III/STEM24
Academic Evaluator/Advisor - Transcript Fees24
Academic Technology Support Specialist32
Academic Technology Systems Administrator42
Academy Coordinator, Public Safety Programs27
Accounting Assistant16
Accounting Technician22
Administrative Aide11
Administrative Technician - Accreditation30
Administrative Technician - Curriculum30
Admissions Assistant20
Admissions and Enrollment Coordinator27
Advancement Office/College Foundation Coordinator35
American Sign Language/English Interpreter31
Articulation/Project ASSIST Systems Specialist26
Assessment Technician20
Athletic Advisement Assistant12
Athletic Equipment Assistant08
Athletic Trainer28
Audio Production Coordinator25
Auto Mechanic/Maintenance Locksmith24
Benefits Specialist23
Box Office/House Manager18
Broadcast Operator23
Broadcast Programming Coordinator27
Business Services Technician20
CalWORKs Accounting Assistant16
CalWORKs Staff Assistant23
Campus Services Assistant19
Career Center Coordinator25
Client Services Assistant20
College Health Nurse35
Community Service Officer11
Coordinator, Athletics/P.E. Support19
Counseling Services Specialist20
CSIS Systems Analyst35
Career Technical Education Transitions Coordinator35
Curricular Schedules Technician23
Custodian I08
Custodian II12
Database Administrator55
Database Technician27
Division Secretary27
Education Center Assistant16
Wellness Center Assistant16
Education Center Coordinator20
Education Center Specialist18
Employment Technician22
Enrollment Services Specialist20
ESL Program Assistant18
ESL Student Specialist20
Facilities and Safety Technician27
Financial Aid Services Coordinator27
Financial Assistance Advisor24
Financial Assistance Specialist - BFAP20
Financial Assistance Specialist20
Fiscal Services Technician22
Fiscal Specialist30
Foundation Accountant32
Foundation Scholarship Assistant20
GEAR UP Site Coordinator23
GEAR UP Specialist28
Graphics Specialist I21
Graphics Specialist II23
Graphics Specialist III25
Grounds Arborist24
GEAR UP/Upward Bound Guidance Services Advisor16
Guidance Services Advisor16
Health Programs Specialist20
Health Services Nurse Practitioner49
Human Resources Assistant I16
Human Resources Assistant II18
HVAC Technician27
Information Services Network Assistant35
Information Services Network Specialist40
Information Services Senior Network Specialist45
Information Services Support Specialist28
Information Services Technician30
Instructional Computer Lab/Help Desk Specialist30
Instructional Computer Laboratory Support Specialist30
Instructional Computer Lab Technician (English)28
Instructional Computer Lab Technician25
Instructional Support Assistant I16
Instructional Support Assistant II22
Instructional Support Assistant III25
Instructional Support Assistant IV27
Interpreter Program Coordinator35
Irrigation Specialist17
Information Services Systems Engineer47
Lead Programmer Analyst50
Legal Coordinator20
Library Media Technician I11
Library Media Technician II15
Library Media Technician III17
Library Systems Specialist26
Maintenance Carpenter24
Maintenance Electrician27
Maintenance Painter24
Maintenance Plumber27
Maintenance Ventilation Mechanic/Welder27
Marketing and Research Coordinator27
Marketing Communications Coordinator27
Marketing Services Assistant20
Masonry and Concrete Skilled Maintenance Mechanic27
Media Equipment Technician20
Multimedia Development Specialist32
Non-Credit Matriculation Assistant23
Office Specialist10
Office Specialist - Fire Technology10
Office Specialist III16
Onsite Engineer40
GEAR UP Outreach Coordinator20
Outreach Coordinator20
TRIO/EOC Outreach Coordinator20
TRIO/ETS Outreach Coordinator20
TRIO/SSS Outreach Coordinator20
Upward Bound Outreach Coordinator20
Wellness/Fitness Outreach Coordinator20
Payroll Specialist20
Payroll Technician22
Performing Arts Publicity/Program Coordinator25
Personnel Technician22
Photographer/Communications Specialist26
Police Academy Training Officer25
Police Department Records Specialist18
Police Officer I31
Print Services Press Operator24
Production Coordinator23
Programmer Analyst45
GEAR UP Program Research Specialist25
Proposition M Construction Accountant32
Proposition M Contracts Assistant22
Proposition M Facilities Planning Specialist27
Senior Academic Evaluator/Advisor27
Senior Accounting Assistant20
Senior Administrative Secretary23
Senior Buyer24
Senior Counseling Support Specialist20
Senior Groundskeeper17
Senior Library Media Technician19
Senior Office Specialist - Child Development14
Senior Office Specialist14
Skilled Maintenance Technician17
EOP&S Staff Aide20
Staff Aide20
EOP&S Staff Assistant23
GEAR UP Staff Assistant23
Staff Assistant (Educational Television)25
Staff Assistant - Health Services23
Staff Assistant23
Student Activities Coordinator25
Systems Module Functional Assistant - Financial Aid30
Systems Module Functional Specialist39
Telecommunications Technician27
Television Technician23
Title III/STEM Assistant23
Title III/STEM Instructional Support Assistant I16
Title III/STEM Outreach Coordinator20
TitleIII/STEM Tutorial Specialist (Math)22
Title V/STEM Tutorial Specialist22
Teaching and Learning Center Assistant (Bilingual English-Spanish)20
Teaching and Learning Center Specialist23
Trade and Industry Instructional Lab Technician19
TTIP South Office Specialist10
Tutorial Assistant09
Tutorial Specialist22
Tutoring/Proctoring Assistant16
GEAR UP/Upward Bound Senior Office Specialist14
Veterans Services Technician23
Perkins Budget Technician22
Web Analyst43
Title V/STEM Assistant23
Assistant Maintenance Electrician (unavailable)24
Business Services Technician - Contracts (unavailable)20
Child Care Operations Assistant (unavailable)18
Clinical Coordinator (unavailable)23
Communications Assistant I (unavailable)20
Communications Assistant II (unavailable)22
Contract Specialist (unavailable)30
Disabled Student Assistant (unavailable)16
Inventory Control Specialist (unavailable)19
Lead Community Service Officer (unavailable)14
Web Development Specialist (unavailable)32
Wellness/Fitness Center Specialist14
Web Coordinator40
Technical Theatre Coordinator25
Basic Skills Initiative Tutorial Specialist22