Student Workers

Deadlines for Short-term Employment Paperwork: July – December 2015 Departments are responsible for downloading and completing the Student Employment Action Form prior to sending the employee to Human Resources.

Effective December 8, 2014, Departments will no longer need to print packets and the forms will no longer be available online. Please Read

Effective July 1st, 2009, all Student employee applicants are required to complete the following hiring requirements. There are no exceptions to this policy.

  1. Student applicants must complete a Student and Short-Term Application.
  2. If the department extends a tentative offer of employment to a Student applicant, the department must complete a Student Employment Action Form and obtain all the appropriate signatures.
  3. Fingerprinting is now required for all Student employee applicants. The applicant must turn in his/her application along with the completed action form to Human Resource Services in order to received the Request for Live Scan (fingerprint) form. The Live Scan fee will be charged to the District for Student applicants.
  4. Human Resource Services must receive and review the Live Scan/fingerprint report prior to the department offering a formal offer of employment.
  5. Hiring paperwork will still be required to be completed prior to beginning employment, but only after the Live Scan/fingerprint report is reviewed and cleared.

Information regarding and for Student Employees:

Student Application and Action Forms: Forms Required to be submitted to HRS to begin the employment process.

  1. Short-term and Student Application
  2. Student Action Form and Rehire Action Form All Employment Action forms must have at least two levels of signatures.

For more information contact x2609.