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Effective July 1, 2009, fingerprinting is now required for all volunteers. There are no exceptions to this policy.

The volunteer must turn in his/her volunteer packet along with the completed Request/Recommendation for Volunteer Service form to Human Resource Services in order to receive the Request for Live Scan (fingerprint) form. Although departments are responsible for the costs associated with this process, the Live Scan facility will directly charge the District’s PO at the time of the service.

Human Resource Services must receive and review the Live Scan (fingerprint) report prior to the department allowing the volunteer to start. If the fingerprinting results indicate a conviction history that would prohibit the District from hiring the volunteer, he/she will not be eligible to volunteer for the District.

Also, a person shall not be initially employed or allowed volunteer service by Palomar College unless the person has within the last 60 days submitted to a tuberculosis risk assessment developed by the State Department of Public Health and the California Tuberculosis Controllers Association and, if risk factors are present, an examination to determine that he or she is free of active tuberculosis (California Education Code Section 87406.6).  This verification must be renewed every four years.

The TB Risk Assessment Form is included in the Volunteer Packet and must be completed by a physician.  If he/she has been employed at another California public school district and has received the TB Risk Assessment (or has been tested for TB) within the last four years, we will accept a copy of their previous TB Risk Assessment/test results.

Volunteer Packet:

For more information contact x 2609.

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