Benefit FAQs

Can I return to work after retirement?

All new retirees must wait 180 days before returning to work and they must follow the guidelines for returning to work under CalPERS or CalSTRS. For more information visit the following websites and check with your retirement plan prior to returning to work. CalPERS – Working after retirement or CalSTRS – Working after retirement

Can I take a loan against my 403(b)/457 retirement savings account?

Yes. Contact Randy Thill at 760.845.2596 for assistance.

What benefits are offered to Part Time Faculty?

Refer to HR website, Part-Time Faculty Benefits: Frequently-Asked Questions , for more information on Part Time Faculty benefits.

My dental claims aren't being paid correctly, who do I contact?

Delta Dental at 866.499.3001

We're having a baby, and I need information on taking leave.

Contact Lucy Nelson at ext. 2889.

Can I add my parents to my benefits? I'm supporting them now.

No, sorry. Parents are not an eligible relationship that is qualified for enrollment in our benefit plans.

How many days am I allowed for bereavement leave?

Please see the following Memorandum of Understanding regarding Bereavement Leave.