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Class Scheduling Tips

Class Scheduling
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Adding a ClassCombined Classes - ChangesSchedule Build Worksheet
Audit Report Error MessagesCurriculum Component ChangesSchedule Grid
Class Schedule Check-off ListDeleting a ClassSplitting a Teaching Assignment
Class Schedule Error MessagesExcel TipsStudent/Faculty Contracts Required
Class Schedule GlossaryFields/Pages in PS currently not in useStyle Sheet for Class Schedule Notes
Class Schedule NavigationHelpful HintsTBA Hours: Data Entry
Class Schedule TipsHot Keys in PSTBA Hours: Rules
Class Section NumbersHybrid Class GuidelinesTBA Hours: Tri-Fold Info Sheet
Combined Classes - CombiningList of Canned NotesTTL HRS/TBA
Combined Classes - Un-combiningPart-Time PD Pay

Workshop Presentations:

Payroll Presentation 05/17/2018Budget Presentation 05/17/2018Grants/Awards presentation 05/17/2018
Dual Enrollment SIS Process 05/17/2018Dual Enrollment SIS Example 05/17/2018


Shayla Sivert
Acting Assistant Superintendent/Vice President of Instruction

Headshot of Acting VPI Shayla Sivert

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