Welcome to Journalism!

Welcome to the award-winning Journalism Department at Palomar College.

The Journalism Program offers associate’s degrees and certificates in print journalism. Students can pursue coursework in news writing, reporting, editing, photojournalism and computerized page layout and design.

This program doesn’t waste time just lecturing at students. This is a hands-on program. Palomar faculty shows students how to do the work and then makes students try it. You will leave this program with the skills to immediately get a job in journalism.

Here are some testimonials from journalism students:


“I’ve learned more at The Telescope than every other class combined. I learned about the craft, about the field, but mostly, I learned about myself.

The Telescope is a special place, and it saddens me to be leaving it. But I’m thankful for every minute that I’ve spent here.”

Mike Peterson

“I came back and I decided to try again. Somewhere in-between working at The Telescope and dealing with my mental illness, my inspiration kicked. Dealing with another semester was something I didn’t regret. I’ve done so much unimaginable writing and I fell for it as a career.”
Diana Guevarra
“Writing here for The Telescope is something which has validated my place at Palomar. I am put in the uncomfortable position of interviewing people all the time. I have to speak up and stand my ground as a journalist. This has helped me find my place in other courses and ultimately create relationships with people I could not have before.”
Cody Jendro
I am walking away from Palomar with more than just my degrees, I am leaving with the confidence to succeed and the strength to pick myself up if I fall.
Shaina Blakesley


Option 1: Start at the beginning

Writers wanted!

If you love to write and want to consider a career that PAYS you to write and be where the action is, consider Multimedia Journalism.

This introductory course to our Journalism Program is transferable to most universities and lays the foundation for various types of writing, from advertising to public relations to blogs, social media and tradition newspapers and magazines.

There are two Journalism 101 Courses available next semester! Register today.

Journalism 101 Multimedia Writing/Reporting Course  online or ground.

Option 2: Write for a campus publication

Palomar’s Campus Newspaper  Needs Writers, Designers and Photographers for Spring 2015!

Students will have the opportunity to write, design and take photographs for both the campus newspaper and be able to focus in the areas that they prefer and finish their semester with tangible, printed copies of their work that they can use for internships, resumes and jobs.

There are THREE courses that allow you to become a part of this process:

Option 1:

Journalism 105 Multimedia News Writing/Production 

This course meets Mondays/Wednesdays from 9:30 a.m. until 12:20 p.m. and features a lecture/lab format that allows you to hear a short lecture and then gives you time to try out the new skill. This class assigns, stories, photos and design projects that wind up in the newspaper, magazine or on the publications’ websites.

Option 2:

Journalism 110L Multimedia Journalism Lab 

This course allows you to write, take photos or design for the newspaper or magazine. The class is has one orientation but NO CLASS MEETINGS. Three hours of work is completed on students’ own schedule.

Option 3:

Journalism 112L Lab for Online Journalism 

This course allows you to write, take photos or design for the newspaper or magazine’s WEBSITES. The class is has one orientation but NO CLASS MEETINGS. Three hours of work is completed on students’ own schedule.

For more information, visit www.the-telescope.com to see more about the newspaper, or visit the journalism department website http://www2.palomar.edu/pages/journalism/


Journalism students gain hands-on experience by joining the staff of Palomar’s student newspaper, The Telescope, or campus magazine, called IMPACT Magazine.

The Telescope wins at the fair Impact wins at Fair

We just learned that our campus newspaper won First Place for General Excellence from the California Newspaper Publishers Association. Both the newspaper AND the campus magazine won Best of Show at the the San Diego County Fair! Congrats to the hard-working student staff.


Palomar’s journalism faculty includes experienced professionals with specialized academic training. Journalism students learn reporting, writing, photography, design and multimedia skills. The journalism facility includes a multiple-workstation Macintosh computer lab in a brand new building. Students complete their assignments using state-of-the-art software including Adobe InDesign, Photoshop, WordPress, Final Cut Pro, and Microsoft Office. Students earn transferable college credit for their journalism coursework. We also host an annual Media Days where we bring in professionals from the field to tell you more about it. Here is one of the panels, on investigative reporting of the Charger’s Stadium issue

Media Days: Investigative Journalism: Charger’s Stadium Reporters


Palomar’s Journalism Department prides itself in providing networking opportunities for its students. We routinely have guest speakers in our classes and host a Media Days each Spring that brings in top media from around the county to talk about journalism. These events not only show Palomar students what the pros are doing but provide networking opportunities that often lead to internships. If a student doesn’t snag a job at those events, then Palomar Journalism professors help them find an internship through our impressive list of contacts. It is our belief that an internship is an integral part of the training in journalism. We also have an impressive alumni network that helps Palomar graduates find a job in journalism.


Palomar’s journalism students are well positioned to take advantage of the shift to Web-based publishing. Industry officials have told us that they would rather hire one of our Journalism graduates — with their reporting, writing and multimedia skills — than a journalist who has 10-year experience but has never written a blog or uploaded a video. Although traditional media such as newspapers are shrinking, there will ALWAYS be a need for content on the Internet and there will ALWAYS be jobs for people who are able to produce high-quality content. Palomar College’s Journalism department can teach you how to do just that. Palomar College can get you up to speed in this digital world.

For more information, contact Journalism Professor Erin Hiro at ehiro@palomar.edu or by calling (760) 744-1150 ext. 3762 Or stop by the new newsroom in Humanities 103.

For general information about the Journalism Department, contact Academic Department Assistant Rita Walther at rwalther@palomar.edu or (760) 744-1150 ext. 2440.