About The Telescope

We are now recruiting for the newspaper staff.

Students will have the opportunity to write, design and take photographs for both the campus newspaper and magazine. Students will be able to focus in the areas that they prefer and finish their semester with tangible, printed copies of their work that they can use for internships, resumes and jobs.

Here are some testimonials from recent Telescope graduates:

“I’ve learned more at The Telescope than every other class combined. I learned about the craft, about the field, but mostly, I learned about myself.

The Telescope is a special place, and it saddens me to be leaving it. But I’m thankful for every minute that I’ve spent here.”

Mike Peterson

“I came back and I decided to try again. Somewhere in-between working at The Telescope and dealing with my mental illness, my inspiration kicked. Dealing with another semester was something I didn’t regret. I’ve done so much unimaginable writing and I fell for it as a career.”
Diana Guevarra
“Writing here for The Telescope is something which has validated my place at Palomar. I am put in the uncomfortable position of interviewing people all the time. I have to speak up and stand my ground as a journalist. This has helped me find my place in other courses and ultimately create relationships with people I could not have before.”
Cody Jendro
I am walking away from Palomar with more than just my degrees, I am leaving with the confidence to succeed and the strength to pick myself up if I fall.


There are THREE courses that allow you to become a part of this process:

Option 1:

Journalism 105 Multimedia News Writing/Production (Course number 33386)

This course meets Mondays/Wednesdays from 9:30 a.m. until 12:20 p.m. and features a lecture/lab format that allows you to hear a short lecture and then gives you time to try out the new skill. This class assigns, stories, photos and design projects that wind up in the newspaper, magazine or on the publications’ websites.

Option 2:

Journalism 110L Multimedia Journalism Lab (Course number 33394) 

This course allows you to write, take photos or design for the newspaper or magazine. The class is has one orientation but NO CLASS MEETINGS. Three hours of work is completed on students’ own schedule.

Option 3:

Journalism 112L Lab for Online Journalism (Course number 33841) 

This course allows you to write, take photos or design for the newspaper or magazine’s WEBSITES. The class is has one orientation but NO CLASS MEETINGS. Three hours of work is completed on students’ own schedule.

The Journalism Department is proud of The Telescope, its award-winning newspaper that has been reporting on Palomar College since 1947. The newsroom boasts a comprehensive archive of Palomar’s history from 1947 to present day. Everyone is invited to visit our newsroom. We are located at HUM 103 or by calling 760-744-1150 ex 2450.

The newspaper is an independent, student-run publication, which reports on issues pertaining to Palomar College, its staff and students and nearby community. The Telescope just beat out all other two-year schools across the state to earn First Place in General Excellence from the California Newspaper Publishers Association. It also won Best of Show at the 2015 San Diego County Fair.


We publish seven times per semester and also have an active website, www.the-telescope.com.

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Here is a student, David Krueger, a Telescope staffer who won at the Society of Professional Journalists in the summer 2013.

Here is an article about our program published in the now-defunct North County Times newspaper.

We welcome all Letters to the Editor, but if you would like to become a member of the staff, here are your options:

We recommend you start by taking Journalism 101: Introduction to News Writing. That is a three-unit course, available online and on the San Marcos campus, that trains you on how to write for a newspaper. But this class doesn’t allow you to write for the paper. You can take a second class that allows you to write for the newspaper. You have two choices.

1. Journalism 110L – This is a 1-unit lab where you attend one orientation at the beginning of the semester and then write seven stories (or photos or graphics) for The Telescope on your own time. You can work in our newsroom but you are not required to. You really set your own schedule and pick the kind of stories you want to write about. We correspond with you mostly via phone and email although we love it when people in this class come in and hang out with us. Estimated time it would take a week is 3 hours.

2. Journalism 105 – This is The Telescope’s formal lecture /lab class and it meets Monday and Wednesday from 11 – 1:50. This course requires 16 stories and allows you to become more involved and be considered for an editor role. Estimated hours per week is 6 hours, including class time.