Question: Do you have a student newspaper?

Answer:  Yes! The Telescope newspaper has been reporting and writing on campus happenings since 1947. We are a student-run newspaper that doesn’t receive any money from the school so we can be an independent observer of the news. We publish the newspaper by selling advertising. Our website, which features breaking news and our multimedia projects, is www.the-telescope.com. For advertising rates, click here. Or stop by to visit us in our NEW newsroom, Humanities 103.

Question: If I want to write for the campus newspaper, what do I have to do?

Answer: To write for The Telescope Newspaper you have to take a class.

We recommend you start by taking Journalism 101: Introduction to News Writing. That is a three-unit course, available online and on the San Marcos campus, that trains you on how to write for a newspaper. But this class doesn’t allow you to actually write for the paper. You can take a second class that allows you to write for the newspaper. You have three choices.

1. Journalism 110L- This is a 1-unit lab where you attend one orientation at the beginning of the semester and then write seven stories (or photos or graphics) for The Telescope on your own time. You can work in our newsroom but you are not required to. You really set your own schedule and pick the kind of stories you want to write about. We correspond with you mostly via phone and email although we love it when people in this class come in and hang out with us. Estimated time it would take a week (3 hours)

2. Journalism 112L Lab for Online Journalism  – This course allows you to write, take photos or design for the newspaper or magazine’s WEBSITES. The class is has one orientation but NO CLASS MEETINGS. Three hours of work is completed on students’ own schedule.

3. Journalism 105. This is The Telescope class and it meets Monday and Wednesday from 11 – 1:50. This course requires 12 stories and you will attend class but this allows you to become more involved and be considered for an editor role.  Estimated hours per week (6 hours, including class time)


Question: How can I take photographs for the newspaper?

Answer: Take Journalism 140, also called Photo 140.

Question: How can I write or take photographs for the campus magazine?

Answer: Take Journalism 105 with Journalism Professor Erin Hiro. Contact her at ehiro@palomar.edu or  (760) 744-1150 ex. 2450 for more information.

Question: I love to write. What careers can I use this skill in?

Answer: Learning to be a good writer can help you in any field. In Journalism, it leads to careers in online journalism, newspaper writing, public relations, broadcast newswriting and advertising. We have also had alumni use our degree to head toward careers in book publishing and law.

 Question: How long does it take to earn the AA degree in Journalism?

Answer: If a student takes a full load and the right classes, it should take two years. Note: Visit the transfer center early to make sure you take the right classes!

Question: What careers can you go into with a degree in Journalism?

Answer: Our graduates are trained to work in the following fields:

  • Newspapers
  • Internet news sites
  • Magazines
  • Television News
  • Public Relations
  • Advertising
  • Newsletters
  • And more …