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PD Workshop: Student Response Systems

This presentation introduces you to several tools you can use in the classroom for communication and collaboration. Please keep in touch and let me know if you try out one of these interactive tools!

PD Workshop: Google Drive in the Classroom

Thank you to everyone who attended my PD workshop today!

Here is the presentation:

Please let me know if and how you use Google Drive!

You can easily share your experiences right here by adding a comment.

MSJC Academy: Blogging to Increase Student Engagement and Community

Today I presented a workshop at the MSJC Academy on using student blogs in the classroom.  Below are the presentations.

If you attended this session please leave me a comment and let me know what you learned, what you still have questions on, or if you choose to use blogs I would love to hear how you implemented them in your class!


My first Google Hangout w/ @Center_Ed: Using Google Drive

I just participated in my very first Google Hangout with @Center_Ed.  Although I loved being able share this active teaching strategy, what was even more fun for me was using this new tool!!!  I had never used Google Hangouts and now I have a fun new tool to use and share with others.  I think I know a new Professional Development workshop for Palomar College!

Here is the video of our Hangout, Enjoy!

Lesson planning… steps to success

I recently learned about Gagne’s 9 Events of Instruction.

Gagne’s Nine Events of Instruction are based on cognitive learning theories and the sequence in which we process information. Gagne, Wager, Golas, and Keller (2005) define instruction “as a set of events external to the learner designed to support the internal processes of learning. The events of instruction are designed to activate the processes of information processing, or at least to parallel their occurrence, and support the process” (p. 194). This is the basis for the linear path of the 9 events of instruction which are in order starting with:

  1. gaining attention
  2. stating objectives
  3. recalling previous learning
  4. presenting the content/material
  5. providing or facilitating learning
  6. eliciting performance
  7. giving feedback about the performance
  8. assessing the performance
  9. focusing on retention and transfer of knowledge

I am a very big fan of infographics and found an awesome site with infographics for each of the 9 events of instruction:

Workshop: Google Drive in the Classroom

Below you will find my presentation on using Google Drive in the classroom:

Please share with me your ideas for using Google Drive in your classroom!

Workshop: Google Forms in Education

This workshop is about using Google Forms in the classroom:

Please develop three ways you could use Google Forms:

Check out these awesome ideas:


79 interesting ways_to_use_google_forms_in_the from GrahamAttwell


On Course Workshop 2104

Al Trujillo and I are excited about the opportunity to once again present a workshop at the On Course National Conference. We hope you enjoy the session and some valuable new strategies, skills, and tools for immediate use in your classroom.

Here is the workshop presentation:


Here are your ideas for developing 21st century skills in the classroom:

To connect with other teachers and submit ideas for using the station-to-station activity please fill out this form:

Here are your ideas for using the station-to-station activity in your classroom:

If you have any other comments or would like to share ideas you can also comment below!

Workshop: Interactive Technologies

I love to use interactive technologies in the classroom.  The presentation below will help you first go through steps to analyze your classroom and then show you several interactive technologies and student response systems: