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Kelly Falcone

Professor & Professional Development Coordinator

#ISTE13 Igniting my mind… Key points, from key people

Ignite sessions at ISTE are intense!!!! Each presenter gets 20 slides and 5-minutes. The slides advance whether you’re ready or not. I am very impressed with each presenter, they all definitely ignited my mind! Here’s a glance at the topics…

Michelle Corey: lifehacker
Hack the classroom: look at the classroom in different ways.
Too many students work on projects they neither need nor want
Every lessons needs to start with a good question
Need playful integration in learning. example, Game, play, apps, tools,
Homoaestheticus not homoeconomis
We need meaning, a part of something more important than ourselves.
Hands on, explore, get dirty, elaborate

Scotty Iseri: The Digits
We need failure in educational games
Failure is what makes it fun
Too many popup instructions rob the player from discovering. they sat, Stop having fun and look at this, here’s how you do it right.
Failure is a chance to try again
Game developer Learned to stop inserting instructions. Play time tripled and curriculum tripled.

Kathryn Kaiser: science and art integration
Build a house for 3 little pigs with Sticks
Programming using scratch teaches math
Renaissance art juxtaposing with photos today. Insert themselves into the pictures
Act out and embody historic great thinkers: Steve jobs, Albert Einstein
Design better desks, chairs, lockers. Prototypes, models, then built by a company. Awarded a national design prize.

Michael mills: narrowing digital divide with BYOD
Divide between low and high income students and teachers
Access to the Internet is a basic right, it’s access to empowerment
Education needs to have Firm objectives with flexible outcomes
Need digital citizenship! Do they know how to use it wisely.
BYOD is not a computer free for all

Wesley fryer: Open doors for students
Create an eBook with students. Bridge to the 21st century. Bookcreator for iPad
Unleash the constructive power of tech
scratch camp: free program from MIT
Build digital stuff, computational thinking, develop math skills, geeks are cool
Lead a local story chasing club
Digital citizenship is a verb
Play with media

Jeff piontek: STEM to STEAM to STREAM
Add Arts, reading and research
Changing educational paradigms
The importance of divergent thinkers
Creativity and innovation
Dewey 1916: keep the creative edge in our children alive
Why do kids lose their basic skills of creativity and innovation that they are born with?
Encourage mastery learning
Collaboration is key. The world truly is flat
Students lead the classroom, teachers support and facilitate this.
Need more play in our children’s lives today!!!

Carrie Ross: sparking passion in students who have lost hope
What are our students’ passions?
Schools need to be a refuge to build dreams
Technology is a tool that offers an opportunity to open a gateway to a dream.
Teacher-student relationship is so important. Build a class community.
Be there to support and encourage their success in life.
Help them, find hope, passion, and opportunity

Dean shareski
Need more time to be silly= creative
The life cycle of twitter… That is sooooooo me!!!!
Adults need to have fun so kids will want to grow up

Allison white: getting through ISTE
Curating Information overload
Figure out our plan for the info we learn from ISTE
Focus on Practice, products, people
Boil it down to one key takeaway
Curation tools: tumblr, Evernote,
Evernote: collect, connect, contribute

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