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Should you Short Sell or Stay in your San Diego Home? That is a question many San Diego home owners ask me.

Hi, my name is Gary Kent.  I’ve been a REALTOR since 1984.

With the San Diego real estate meltdown, it’s been a difficult time for many people like you.

If you are frustrated trying to make payments on a home that’s underwater.

If you are concerned about how long it will take for your San Diego home to be worth more than your mortgage.

If you are unsure if a short sale is the right solution for you and your family

Then use my free “Short or Stay Calculator” on

It tells you simply & easily if you should keep your home or other real estate, or if you’re better off doing a short sale.

So, go ahead, try it out & see what it tells you, or call me, Gary Kent at 858-457-5368.


 by Gary Kent

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