Welcome to my web page

Welcome current, former, and future students of Palomar College.  I hope you find this web page useful to learn more about me, the classes I teach, and the projects in which I’m involved.  Enjoy.  And feel free to post your comments.


Infographic and Content for BUS 125 Class

I was teaching Content Marketing in my BUS 155 Marketing class today at Palomar College in San Marcos, and it reminded me that I could be a better content creator myself.  Then, during office hours, a BUS 125 Business English student visited so we could edit her paper together.  During our conversation, she said, “You should have a Top 10 BUSINESS ENGLISH grammar mistakes list – or something like that“.  Ding, ding, ding!  My Content Marketing spider senses tingled and I thought, “Why yes, I should!”.  What a great piece of Content Marketing that will be.  I know my BUS 125 Business English students will find it useful. I could share it through my social channels. Perhaps others will share it and it will add a little more cache to my personal brand.  Cha Ching!  Content is king.

socialmediabookNew for Fall 2014, the Business Administration Department at Palomar College is offering a new course, BUS 152 – Social Media for Business.  This course will explore social media use from a business perspective. Students will learn how to develop a social media strategy to promote a business, build strong customer relationships, and coordinate a common message across multiple channels. Strategic and tactical review of the major social networking platforms will be reviewed in order to drive business goals and create a personal brand online. Join your instructor Mary Cassoni for this hybrid course on Thursday afternoons from 4:30 to 6:30 pm – one day a week live and the remainder online.

5 Tips to Prepare for the First Day of School

Starting the school year off right is a great way to ensure success.  Here are 5 preparation tips to help start off Monday, August 19th on the right foot:

1)  Log into Blackboard to see if your instructor has set up a section for your course.  Many online (and in-class) course sections have a Blackboard site that the instructor will turn on the weekend before school begins.  By logging in early, you can preview the course syllabus and get a good sense of what the course (and instructor) is all about.

2)  Clean out your backpack/book bag.  A tidy book bag with pens, pencils, your calculator, notebooks, and other essentials not only looks good, but also helps you feel fresh and ready to go.  Clean out last semesters old papers and other stuff and fill your book bag NOW with everything you’ll need for that first day/week.  Don’t forget a water bottle and snacks!

3)  Get a good nights sleep.  Tonight is a school night.  Respect your body and your brain by making sure you get 6-8 hours of sleep tonight.  No one (including your instructors!) wants you to feel groggy on that first day.

4)  East a good breakfast.  See advice above.  You want to feel energized on your fist day.  The first day/week of school can be crazy with new classes, instructors, students, and parking!  Don’t start off hungry.

5)  Get to school early.  See comment above regarding students and parking.  Just about EVERY registered Palomar student (~30,o00) will be on campus on Monday, August 19th.  Parking can be limited.  Reduce the stress of searching for a spot by arriving early and being in class on time.

Enjoy the first day!  Happy Fall 2013.

BEAUTIFUL Palomar Graduation and Congratulations Gil!

Today was the day!  Palomar’s 2013 graduation, Gil Noble’s retirement from Palomar (boo hoo) and the official END to my sabbatical.  Here is one of the BIG things I learned — the more you learn – the more you realize you DON’T know.  I spend all Spring semester studying Internet Marketing and Social Media – but I feel as if I have only SCRATCHED the surface.  There is still so much more to discover (thank you summer!), but I feel as if I am well on my way.  Thank you sabbatical, sabbatical leave committee, Palomar College, and taxpayers!  I DO believe you all got your money’s worth and I look forward to developing super creative, super smart business people!

Blackboard Prep for Fall 13

OK – I believe I am almost officially ready for my sabbatical to be done and ready to be in the classroom. How do I know?  I already started preparing for Fall 13 by copying my BB stuff into my new sites and making edits (I usually do this in August). Even Richard Loucks (from Palomar) said – “Wow, Fall 13 already”.  I think it’s time!  I will enjoy summer – but I’m TOTALLY ready for Fall!

LOVE My New Textbook Choice for BUS 150!

Here is the new book I will use for Fall 2013 (and beyond) in BUS 150 – Advertising.Advertising_creative_book I LOVE this book because it is LIGHT on academics and HEAVY on practical approaches to creativity, regardless of media.  It has a great section on Internet Marketing, Google, and Social Media.  Finally – I have found the perfect book!  And thank goodness I had a good amount of time in Palm Desert to truly read, digest, and consider it.

25 Year College Reunion in Palm Desert

OK – this post may not seem DIRECTLY related to sabbatical – but I think it is.  I spent this week in Palm Desert with my BU college buddies.  One of them (Andrea) works in marketing research and big data so we were able to share some idea on marketing, big data, Hadoop, and the future of our craft.  We also spent some time hanging in the sun, going to a spa, eating good food, and catching up.  I did read a lot of my new Advertising book by the pool, so it’s all good.  Happy 25 years since graduation to my best buds – Mara, Ann, and  Andrea!Palm Desert

My Klout Score

I had HEARD about Klout.com and Klout scores – but I finally visited and set up an account.  I’m SO bummed that my score is only 29.  I’m guessing that’s something I should improve – particularly if I plan to teach about social media.  In a way – the Klout.com site reminded me (a bit) of HootSuite.  I’m totally impressed with the amount of “free stuff” on the web.

Attended My Husband’s Computer Concepts Class at Mira Costa

What a great class!  My husband, Rick, had his students create web pages using Weebly (I will incorporate this into my Fall curriculum) and then present their pages with the Google Glass product.  Students had to incorporate social media and SEO techniques into their web pages to ensure they showed up in Google search.  The BIGGEST aha from this session was just how good a TEN minute presentation can be!  I may incorporate this (rather than the 20 minute format) into my future final projects.  It allowed a LOT more teams to go — and made the class quite interesting.

Hootesuite is pretty cool!

Just discovered HooteSuite - a great way to manage all your social networks.  I love that I can post once and decide where it goes to.  And I love the analytics portion.  This will DEFINITELY be part of my social media class — not sure if it fits well (yet) into BUS 155 or BUS 150.