BUS 152 Social Media for Business – NEW Fall 2015!

facebook_twitterlogoNew for Fall 2015, BUS 152 – Social Media for Business will explore and use social media from a business perspective.

This class will help you to develop a social media strategy to promote a business, build strong customer relationships, and coordinate a common message across multiple channels. Strategic and tactical review of the major social networking platforms will be reviewed in order to drive business goals and/or create a personal brand online.

social media bookThis 12-week, late start  hybrid class will meet once a  week on Wednesday afternoons from 2:30 pm to 4:20 pm in MD 332. Additional coursework will be conducted online through Blackboard.  



Instructocassoni_maryr:  Mary J. Cassoni
I have been teaching at Palomar College for 10 years.  My passions are Advertising, Marketing, and all things digital and social.  In Spring 2013, I completed a Sabbatical in Digital Marketing and Social Media with the intent of creating this course. I hope you’ll join me soon in BUS 152!


 Student Testimonials

0_woodWhat did I get out of taking Social Media for Business (BUS 152) at Palomar College? I learned invaluable technical skills, refined my knowledge of social media marketing, was inspired to immerse myself into the world of digital marketing, AND I gained nearly 2,000 Twitter followers over the duration of the course! That’s what “learning for success” looks like!” – Steven Blinker Wood, Fall 2014 student  https://twitter.com/Blinker4Life

0_edwardsAs a small business owner I knew I wanted to take classes that will positively affect my business as I really do not have time for the side show classes.  The ONE class that convinced me that I wanted to get an E-Marketing certificate, which directed me to Palomar College, is BUS 152, Social Media For Business.  Every turn in the class and every step I have made has made my business building so much more meaningful and far more productive.  Professor Cassoni is relevant and current with her Social Media class, a class I would even consider retaking in a few years, knowing how fast things change over the days, weeks, and months of the beautiful world of social media.  One thing I can say, content is king, learn about content and more in BUS 152.” Gail Edwards, Fall 2014 student  www.the2ofusphoto.com/

0_wheelerI enrolled in the new BUS 152 Social Media for Business class because my Business Admin degree from the 70s (which had worked well for 35 years), was not as useful with the advent of technology.  Though retired, I wanted to start a new company about ordinary people doing extraordinary things during this  Baby Boomer Tsunami era we’re entering but knew nothing about social media.  Many in the class knew a lot about social media but hadn’t had the occasion to use it beyond talking to their friends about what they had for breakfast.  This interaction gave 3 generations the opportunity to help each other.  It is probably the most timely, practical and hands-on class on campus.  Thank you Mary Cassoni and thank you Palomar Community College.” Lucy Wheeler, Fall 2014 student   www.aginggracefullyphotography.com

0_succiAfraid of the social media?  I was!  Knowledge is power and you get a lot of knowledge in Bus 152 on social media.  Take control and enjoy it for what it was meant to be—staying connected with friends, family, customers, and clients! Make it work for you!  Now I check it every day!”  Jo Ann Succi  B.S., M.B.A. and faculty at Palomar College, Fall 2014 student  www.sendoutcards/PlatinumCards

The Student Learning Outcome for BUS 152 is:

Students will be able to create a social media strategy and tactics that drive engagement in both the primary and secondary social networks.

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  1. When is the next class starting since I missed this one. Is there any fast track class starting in October?

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  3. Hello, I am trying to enroll in the bus 152 class but it’s not letting me. There is one seat left and I want it! Please help!
    Roger Al-Chaikh 010301847

  4. Ramon — this class is a requirement or elective for the E-Marketing degree through Business Administration and it will be a requirement for a new Social Media certificate (which is launching next year)

  5. Does this class count towards any degree?

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