Henry L’Esperance Alvarez

Part-Time Professor, Multicultural Studies                                      hlesperance@palomar.edu

Currently Teaching:                                                                                                              CS 100 – Introduction to Chicano Studies                                                                           CS 102 – The Chicano and the American Political System

Ph.D. Candidate in Political Science/Cultural Studies Claremont Graduate University (in Progress)                                                                                                                                               M.A. Latin American Studies U.C.S.D (2008)                                                                     B.A. Philosophy of Science U.C.S.D    (2005)                                                                Minor: Immigration Studies U.C.S.D

Areas of Expertise: Brazil & Mexico

Academic Interests: Immigration, Globalization, Sovereignty, Healthcare, Hegemony, Inequality, Film, Phenomenology, & Embodiment.

Language Proficiency: Fluent both written and spoken in Spanish and Portuguese.

Publications:  Chicanos in the United States, Cognella (2011); Impacts of Boarder Enforcement on Mexican Migration Lynne Rienner (2007);American Hegemony and its Influence on Brazilians’ decision to Come to the United States PorQuest (2009).

Documentaries: Producer, Pies Ligeros (2014); Director, Yo Soy Teresa Castro (2010); Director, Pomba Branca (2006); Director, Tlacuitapa (2005)

Fellowships and Awards: Claremont Graduate University Meritorious Arts & Humanities Fellowship (2014) Awarded at Claremont; Outstanding Graduate Student in the area of African Diaspora Studies (2008) Awarded at U.C.S.D.; Foreign Language and Area Studies Fellowship, to Study the Language of Zapoteco, (2008) Awarded at U.C.S.D; Higher Education Consortium Project, Fellowship awarded by the Dept. of Anthropology allowed me to study for one year at the prestigious Federal University of Bahia, Brazil (2006) Awarded at U.C.S.D; EAP Scholorship, (2004) Awarded at U.C.S.D.