Dr. Rodolfo Jacobo

Associate Professor and Department Chair, Multicultural Studies                                      rjacobo@palomar.edu                                                                                                                                                     Office: MD-364 (San Marcos main campus)                                                                  Phone:  760-744-1150 x2207







Office Hours:                                                                                                               By appointment

Currently Teaching:                                                                                                     CS 100 – Introduction to Chicano Studies                                                                       CS 101 – The Chicano in the United States                                                                     CS 102 – The Chicano and the American Political System


Ph.D., Education                                                                                                        Claremont Graduate University / San Diego State University                                           Joint Doctoral Program, May 2009                                                                                 The Negotiation of Lived Spaces by Unauthorized College Aged Youth

M.A., History                                                                                                          San Diego State University, History, 1995.                                                         Chicana/o History and Border History

B.A., History                                                                                                             San Diego State University, History, 1992.                                                                      Latin American and Chicana and Chicano History

Dr. Rodolfo Jacobo was born in Los Angeles, California. In his early years, he was raised by his maternal grandmother in the Mexican state of Guanajuato. His Mexican-born parents, Elena and Rodolfo Jacobo Sr. received status as U.S. permanent residents. Both were migrant workers, picking fruit in California to support their family in Mexico. When Jacobo was 8, his grandmother’s broken hip left her incapable of caring for him. His parents then brought him to California to live with them. The family lived on a ranch near San Luis Rey, in North County. Nearly 20 of Jacobo’s undocumented family members lived there as well.   Many of them were granted amnesty in 1986 and became U.S. citizens.

Rodolfo kept his sites on his education by earning several degrees and in 1995 began teaching at San Diego State University. He has also taught at San Diego Mesa College, Southwestern College and is currently teaching at Palomar College. Just recently, Dr. Jacobo received a fellowship as an American Scholar by Kettering Foundation. In addition Mr. Jacobo has written several books and articles. He has also been a contributing author in books such as World War II and the Emerging Civil Rights Struggle, Chicano San Diego: Cultural Space and the Struggle for Justice and Mexcoehuani: Readings in Chicana/o and Border History. His most recent book is Negotiating Spaces: The Lives of Undocumented Youth.