Frequently Asked Questions about Professional Development:

What is PD? 	Professional Development is about learning new skills and knowledge for personal growth and development Do I have to do PD? 	Full-time faculty are required to do 72 hours which is equal to 12 days.  Part-time faculty are paid extra to attend PD workshops, the total amount of hours varies depending on hours taught per week.  What types of PD activities can I do? 	The PD schedule provides you with numerous weekly workshops, as well as, online and self-designed workshops.   How do I sign up for activities? 	Sign up for PD activities by completing your PD proposal on eServices.  PD proposals are required by all faculty and must be completed at the very beginning of the semester.  Once submitted you can still make changes if necessary. How do I signup to present a workshop? 	The heart of the Palomar PD program are the faculty and staff who volunteer to create, produce, and share their knowledge and skills. If you would like to present a workshop please complete the request at http://www2.palomar.edu/pages/pd/contact-pd

General questions about PD:

How can I submit my contract?

  •  Contracts must be submitted via Faculty eServices.
  • For detailed instructions:
  • Professional Development Manual
  • Call the PD office at 760-744-1150, ext. 2250, if you have additional questions.

 How do I revise my contract?

  •  Go to your PD contract on Faculty eServices and make any changes necessary.

 How many hours of professional development are allowed per day?

  •  There is no maximum to the number of hours per day for professional development.

I think I am going to a conference, but I do not know the dates yet. What should I do?

  •  Submit your contract with tentative dates. Remember to update/revise your contract with actual dates, location, etc. and “submit contract” This is part of the “completion” step of your contract.

I do not have time to go to these workshops. You never schedule these activities when I am available. Is professional development really required?

  •  Yes, it is for full-time faculty! However, professional development is designed to support you. Many activities you already plan to do or are doing fit into the self-designed categories.  A list of self-designed activities is available in the current PD Workshops and Events Booklet and on the Annual Program page of the PD web site.  There are also online activities.

It is almost the end of the year/semester and I was not able to fit in all my professional development activities. What will happen?

  •  Chances are, an activity you have already done will qualify for the professional development. You may revise your contract plan at any time during the semester. Call the Professional Development office for more information.
  • If you do not complete the activities and the contract you will lose money!
    • Full-time= 72 hours deducted from last paycheck.
    • Part-time= Do not get an extra paycheck.

 I planned to attend a professional development workshop, but when I showed up no one was there!

  •  The Professional Development office occasionally cancels workshops when there is low enrollment or when the facilitator is ill. The PD staff will attempt to reach you if a workshop is canceled, so please provide both a phone number and e-mail address. Please submit a revised contract.

I planned to attend a professional development workshop, but now I cannot make the workshop. What should I do?

  •  Life is full of crises. Please call the Professional Development office to cancel your registration. This will enable us to advise the presenter. You will also need to revise your contract!

 Who can I talk to if I have questions?

  • If you have any questions regarding your contract, call the Professional Development Office at
    (760) 744-1150, ext 2250

How can  I access my PD contract after school ends?

  • You can access your current contract and past contracts during the academic year.

Full-time Faculty questions:

I am Full-Time, when does my contract have to be turned in?

  •  For Full-Time/Probationary Faculty:  Professional development contract plans are due by September 15, 2013 (February 15, for faculty teaching spring semester only).  You can submit your completed plan anytime throughout the year for approval.  Completed contracts are due by May 1st (Contracts submitted after May 15, 2014 will be deducted 72 hours of pay).

 I am a full-time or probationary faculty member. How many hours of professional development pay am I eligible for?

  •  Palomar College currently designates 72 hours per year.  Professional Development days are defined by Assembly Bill 1725 (AB1725) as six (6) hours of professional development per day.  Remember to complete the two (2) service points required by the PFF contract.  Only first-year faculty are exempt from the service point requirement.

 I am a full-time or probationary faculty member. What happens if I do not turn in a professional development contract?

  •  Failure to confirm completion of approved professional development activities will result in a loss of pay for the 12 days, 72 hours.

Part-time faculty questions:

I am a Part-Time faculty member, when does my contract have to be turned in?

  • Fall semester: Professional development contract plans are due by September 15.  Confirmation that activities are completed are due by December 1st.
  • Spring Semester – Professional development contract plans are due by February 15.  Confirmation that activities are completed are due May 1st.  .

 I am a part-time faculty member. When will I receive my professional development pay?

  •  Professional development hours are typically paid in the last regular pay period of the fall  (December) and spring (May) semesters.

I am a part-time faculty member. How many hours of professional development pay am I eligible for?

  • Part-time faculty teaching semester-length or short-term classes may select and be compensated for professional development hours commensurate with the number of hours taught.
  • The total number of professional development hours that may be paid for an assigned class is equal to the number of hours the class meets per week as per the approved course curriculum, identified in the college catalog.
  • When a class is team taught, the professional development hours the class is eligible for are divided between/among the part-time faculty assigned to teach the class.
  • The total paid professional development hours for a class cannot exceed the course approved weekly hours identified in the college catalog.
  • A class must meet a minimum of 8 hours (1/2 unit) to be eligible for professional development compensation.
  • Courses not eligible for professional development compensation include:
    • Apprenticeship courses
    • Flat rate assignments (e.g. Athletic coaching assignments)
    • Noncredit courses
    • ROP courses
  • Part-time counselors and librarians are eligible for PD hours for non-instructional hours equal to one-half (1/2) of the hours they work per week.
  • Activities must occur during the semester indicated on the pay notice.

I am a part-time faculty member. What happens if my class is canceled?

  •  If your class is canceled, or if you are replaced, professional development pay for that class is automatically canceled.
 Do you have any questions that have not been answered above?  If so, please feel free to comment below and the PD Office will be sure to respond!

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  1. Hello,
    My name is Maribel Saldana and this is the first time I submit PD HOURS. I already submitted my hrs but some of those hrs are self-assigned hours ( faculty meeting). After submitting them I received an email stating I have submitted a proposal/contract but I still needed to submit the contract. How does that work?

  2. You have finished your contract because it shows that you have entered/verified your completed number of PD hours.

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