PD Advisory Board

The Professional Development Advisory Board:

The Professional Development Advisory Board has established guidelines for the approval of professional development contracts and reviews those that request exceptions to these guidelines. The Board also reviews the annual Performance Evaluation of the Professional Development Coordinator and the annual Needs Assessment Survey results and guides the development of Palomar College’s Professional Development program.

The Advisory Board is comprised of one faculty member from Languages and Literature; Career and Technical and Extended Education; the Library; Student Services; Social and Behavioral Sciences; Mathematics and the Natural and Health Sciences; and Arts, Media, Business, and Computer Science. A part-time faculty member also serves on the board, as does a Senior Administrator, who is appointed by the Assistant Superintendent/Vice President for Instruction. Five of the nine areas must be represented if professional development contracts are to be assessed. The Faculty Senate’s Committee on Committees appoints the faculty board members, and the term of service is two years.

PD Advisory Board Members:

PD Advisory Board Agendas and Minutes:

PD Annual Report and Needs Assessment