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PD Coordinator Duties and Responsibilities


Palomar College’s Professional Development Coordinator is responsible for the coordination of our campus Professional Development Plan, approved in 1988 by Palomar College’s Governing Board and the Chancellor’s Office of the California Community Colleges to complement the flexible academic calendar.

Primary Function:

  • Oversee the contract and reporting procedures
  • Develop programs to meet identified needs
  • Provide resources for staff and professional development activities
  • Assist with weekly email newsletter

Duties and Responsibilities:

  • The Professional Development Coordinator is specifically responsible for:
  • Receiving, reviewing, and approving/disapproving submitted Professional Development Plans from faculty members with the assistance of any staff member in the Professional Development Office or Professional Development Advisory Board, and finalization of the individual Professional Development contracts.
  • Overseeing, reviewing, and approving/disapproving the required successful completion of the individual Professional Development contracts with the assistance of any staff member in the Professional Development office or Professional Development Advisory Board.
  • Developing and approving professional development programs and workshops to meet identified needs, as required by Title 5 CCR §55730(b), including publishing each year specific examples of activities under each of the three (3) categories in Section 10.3 and a list of College committees on which service will be considered a professional development activity.
  • Providing resources for professional development activities.
  • Managing professional development resources (including purchasing equipment and supplies, maintaining accurate records, and submitting and maintaining balanced budgets) and coordinating publication availability with the library.
  • Coordinating activities with campus and community groups, including the North County Higher Education Alliance (NCHEA).
  • Ensuring compliance by faculty members and the District with all legal requirements for the professional development program, and especially including the relevant requirements of Title 5 CCR.
  • Keeping the professional development programs and workshops dynamic and rigorous, which includes conducting an annual Needs Assessment Survey and writing an annual evaluation report of the effectiveness of the programs and workshops, as required by Title 5 CCR §55730(d).
  • Supporting professional development activities in the district.
  • Assisting with weekly newsletter email announces and highlights professional development activities.
  • Presenting the District’s approach to professional development programs to the Governing Board of the District, at conferences, to other Community College Districts, and to the State Chancellor’s Office, while also gathering information and ideas from them.
  • Co-chairing and assisting in the coordination, planning, and implementation of all orientation/plenary days for faculty members.
  • Maintaining accurate records on the description, type and number of professional development activities scheduled and the number of District employees and students participating in these activities, as required by Title 5 CCR §55730(c).
  • Serving as Chair and holding regular meetings of the Professional Development Advisory Board.
  • Providing needed documents to the State Chancellor’s Office as required by Title 5 CCR §55730(f).


Performance Evaluations of the Professional Development Coordinator are conducted annually by the Professional Development Advisory Board.