Part-Time Faculty

Part-time Faculty Steps to Success: Step 1 	Review the workshop descriptions and identify the activities you plan to complete. Step 2 	Calculate how many hours of PD pay you are eligible for.  The number of paid professional development hours is usually equivalent to one week of classroom time for a full-term class.  Step 3 	Go to eServices and click on "professional development" located at the bottom of the page. Step 4 	Fill out the form in eServices and select the activities you are planning to complete.  For self-designed activities be sure to read the requirements carefully to ensure they will be approved by the PD office. Step 5 	Submit your PD proposal by September 15th for the Fall semester and February 15th for the Spring semester.  These will be reviewed by the PD office and you will be notified if adjustments are necessary. Step 6 	Now the fun begins!  Complete all proposed activities. Enjoy the development of new skills and knowledge! Note: It is ok to make changes to your PD proposal throughout the semester! Step 7 	Once all activities are completed, go to eServices again, mark off each activity and input the hours, then hit submit to let PD know you have completed all of your PD hours! Please submit completed contracts by December 1st for Fall semester and May 1st for Spring semester. Step 8 	Enjoy an extra paycheck!

Need help submitting your Proposal?  Click here for instructions on submitting your proposal on eServices

If you have additional questions please review the FAQ’s page or contact the pdoffice.

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