Plenary General Session and Happy Video

Thank you to everyone for making our first all-college plenary a successful event.  It was so great to see our workshops filled with diverse groups of employees learning together.  This was a big change for us and I think it went pretty well!  I am sorry about running out of food and water so fast at today’s lunch, next year we will have to double our order!

Click here for the recording of the general session.

Here’s our Happy Video (please share!):



Our first all-college plenary event

Our college theme for 2017-2018 is “Better Together.”  This year we are truly Better Together with our very first all-college plenary event!  All plenary activities (the keynote on Thursday, the workshops, and the general session) are designed to create an environment where learning is valued for all Palomar employees!

We are PALOMARPOWERED Employees! We are Better Together!

I would love to hear about your experience at plenary.  What were your “aha” moments or takeaways?  What did you learn today that you’d like to share with others?


Online Teaching Conference 2017

This year we had a really big group from Palomar attend the annual Online Teaching Conference presented by CCC TechConnect.  CCC TechConnect is a grant-funded program that offers the CCC’s technology resources such as 3C Media Solutions, CCC Confer, @ONE, and the Professional Learning Network.

The OTC conference provided numerous opportunities to learn about best practices for teaching online and using technology, as well as, information on the state of online education in the CCC’s.

Here’s the program:

Several of the workshops and keynotes were provided as WebCasts for all to see:

For those who attended the conference, my question to you is, what was your biggest takeaway?


Digital Storytelling

We have an awesome opportunity to train a group of faculty/staff in the art of digital storytelling!   A big thank you to Roberta Cantow and our Strategic Planning Council for approving Strategic Planning Priority Funding (SPPF) for this opportunity.

If you’re like me, you may be wondering what digital storytelling is. On Thursday May 4th we held a webinar to learn more about the art of digital storytelling.  During the webinar we also learned more about the upcoming 3-day intensive training August 10th-12th and the 1-day training on Thursday August 17th (during plenary).

Click here to water a recording of the webinar

Digital storytelling could be used to tell your own personal story, a story about the work you do to serve students, or maybe have students tell stories, or to tell stories highlighting a theme, such as our 2017-2018 college theme of “Better Together”.

Here’s a flyer for more information on the digital storytelling program that will be held at Palomar:

Download (PDF, Unknown)

Here’s the PowerPoint from the May 4th Webinar:

Download (PDF, Unknown)

Reimagine Palomar: Conclusion

This is our final discussion of the book “Redesigning America’s Community Colleges: A Clearer Path to Student Success”

Question:  You have now completed the book “Redesigning America’s Community Colleges: A Clearer Path to Student Success”.  What is your top 10 list of opportunities Palomar College has to increase student success?

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