Active Shooter on Campus




1.     The Palomar College Police Dispatcher will notify our campus police, San Marcos Sherriff and/or the Escondido Police, and EMS.


2.     The first responding officers will enter the building to locate the suspect.  Police Officers are trained to respond directly to the area where shots were last heard.   Their purpose is to stop the shooting as quickly as possible.


3.     Police Officers may be dressed in regular patrol uniforms, or may be wearing tactical uniforms consisting of external bullet proof vests, helmets, boots, and dark clothing.


4.     Police Officers may be carrying a shield and be armed with rifles, shotguns and/or handguns.  The may also use pepper ball guns, pepper spray, and teargas.


5.     Regardless to how they appear, remain calm, do not be afraid of them and follow their instructions carefully.


6.     Put down anything you are carrying and keep your hands visible to the police at all times.


7.     The first officers to arrive will not stop to aid injured persons.  Rescue teams comprised of other officers and medical personnel will follow the first team of officers into the secured areas to treat and evacuate injured persons.


8.     Continue to follow instructions of police and College officials until you are released.