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Attachment to Application for Employment

Palomar College Attachment To Application For Employment

Palomar College is an Equal Opportunity Employer
  • Last and First name
  • For your application to be considered complete, you MUST answer the following questions and include this form with your application. Employment Services will detach this sheet and keep it in a separate, confidential file. It will not be seen by anyone on the selection committee. The existence of a criminal record does not constitute an automatic bar to employment, with the exception of certain sex or drug offenses specifically prescribed by the California Education Code. In the cases of drug convictions, further consideration is given to personal rehabilitation efforts, as well as a certificate of rehabilitation and pardon.
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  • 1. Have you ever been convicted (this would include a plea, verdict, or finding of guilt or nolo contender) of any crime? Please exclude traffic offenses or misdemeanor citations involving marijuana that are over two years old.
  • 2. If your answer to question 1 is yes, have you received a certificate of rehabilitation or pardon, or has the accusation or information against you been dismissed pursuant to Penal Code Section 1203.4?
  • If your answer to question 2 is yes, you must provide a description below of any other evidence that substantiates that you have been rehabilitated.