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Community Service Officer – Part Time


Palomar Community College District

Community Service Officer

Non-Sworn / Part-time Hourly Employee or Student Employee


DEFINITION:  The Palomar College Police Department provides 24-hour a day Police / Security services to persons and property on Campus grounds, parking lots and facilities on the Main Campus in San Marcos and the Escondido Center.  The Community Service Officer assists with building security, traffic control, motorist assistance, writing reports and other public services as needed.

RESPONSIBILITIES:  Under Police Supervision the CSO provides protection to District buildings and property.  The CSO guards against fire, intrusion, theft and vandalism.  The CSO provides information to the public; makes written and oral reports of any hazardous condition impacting the college and its community.  The CSO performs related duties as required or assigned.


  • Patrols on foot, bicycle, motorized cart or vehicle to guard all campus areas.
  • Observe and report all unsafe conditions or occurrences.
  • Assist victims of injuries or crimes.
  • Secure doors, windows and or gates to District buildings.
  • Completes a Daily Field Activities Report.
  • Provides traffic control and direction as needed.
  • Enforces parking regulations.
  • Takes custody of found, lost or abandoned property.
  • Becomes a witness for law enforcement officers regarding observed crimes.
  • Performs related duties as required / directed.

SPECIAL QUALIFICATIONS:  Applicant must possess a valid California Driver’s License.  A background investigation including DMV check will completed.  Candidates must complete a personal history statement.


  • Ability to identify safety hazards.
  • Knowledge of District Rules and Regulations.
  • Knowledge of Campus buildings and grounds.
  • Use of 2-way radio.
  • First-Aid certification.
  • Must read, write and speak English.
  • Strong written and oral communication skills.
  • Ability to understand and follow written / oral directions.
  • Must be able to communicate to and inform the public.
  • Make detailed observations.
  • Accurately remember facts.
  • Translate those observations and facts into written reports.
  • Analyze situations and act / respond quickly and appropriately.
  • Good common sense and judgment.

CONDITIONS OF EMPLOYMENT:  Student applicant for a CSO position must be a student enrolled in a minimum 12 units at Palomar College for the fall and spring semesters and 6 units in the summer.  This requirement does not apply to non-student applicants. The CSO may be required to perform tasks that require physical exertion, stamina, flexibility and standing or walking for long periods of time.  Applicant should be in good physical condition.  Work will be in both indoor and outdoor environments, which may be subject to foul weather.

Work hours include weekends and around the clock shift hours at both the San Marcos and Escondido Campuses.  The CSO may be required to work alone or in an isolated are at times.  This is a temporary, as needed, position.  There are no assigned benefit packages.

APPLICATIONS:  Applicants must complete the Palomar College Police Department application for Community Service Officer.  Applications are available at the San Marcos and Escondido Campuses at the PCPD offices.

For further information please call:  (760) 744-1150 x2289 San Marcos Campus

 Short-term and Student Application and Attachment to Application for Employment

Applications are accepted on a continuous basis.