Emergency Information

Emergency Information Resources:The Palomar College Police Department maintains this page as an information resource for visitors like you. Important contact information and links (where applicable) are listed below for immediate reference during a major emergency or event. Please note that this page is for reference only, and during emergency situations should not be used as a substitute for safe, reasonable, and sound judgment on the part of any visitor or user of this site:  Emergency Preparation Information ———————————

Department of Homeland Security
FEMA Preparation & Prevention Info
Federal Emergency Mgmt Agency
State of California OES
Office of Emergency Services
County of San Diego OES Disaster Guide
(Office of Emergency Services)

During a National or Regional Emergency —————————

Department of Homeland Security www.dhs.gov
Federal Emergency Management Agency
(FEMA Region IX, Pacific Area Office)
(510) 627-7000 or (808) 851-7900
California Emergency Digital Info Service
OES Warning Center: (916) 845-8911
California OES, San Diego Office
5555 Overland Ave, Building 19
San Diego, CA 92123
(619) 565-3490
Palomar College Police Department
1140 W. Mission Ave (Main Office)
San Marcos, CA 92069
(760) 744-1150 x2289

If you are in need of immediate police or medical assistance, locate the nearest phone or have a nearby person dial extension 2289.