General Student Conduct Policies

College Students

 Policies established by the Palomar College Community College District, and enforced by the Campus Police Department, have been established for the safety, security of the campus environment. While there are a number of campus life related policies, this site will focus on personal safety & security policies.

Student Discipline

Students may be expelled and/or suspended for engaging in or otherwise committing criminal acts on campus or at campus-oriented events. As mandated by federal and state law, victims of violent crime (to include sexual assault) are to be advised & informed when information regarding disciplinary action so taken by Palomar College is included in a students record. Victims are to be notified within a period of three (3) days, of the results of any disciplinary action and/or any pending appeals. Both the accuser and the accused maintain the right to have representatives and/or persons on their behalf, available at any proceedings regarding any such case. In all cases, the victim is required to maintain the results of the disciplinary action and any appeals confidential.

Victim and Sexual Assault Policy

The Palomar Community College District, in conjunction with the Palomar College Police Department, will in no way tolerate any criminal acts or acts of sexual assault or battery on campus. The police department will investigate any and all allegations of sexual assault, and will initiate criminal and /or legal action against persons found responsible for any act determined to be sexual assault or battery. Disciplinary action by the college may be taken with or without the consent or cooperation of the victim. Both the accuser and the accused maintain the right to have representatives and/or persons on their behalf, available at any proceedings regarding any such case.

If you are a victim of sexual assault or battery, report the incident to the  police department (on-campus), a local police department (off-campus), or a faculty or staff member as soon as practicable. Victims should call any law enforcement agency by dialing 911. Every effort should be made to preserve physical evidence of the assault. Such evidence might include not showering after the incident, a voluntary medical exam, and not disposing of any clothing worn at the time of the event. Referral to crisis counseling and legal assistance is available through the  police department.

With the victims consent, the  police department will conduct a criminal investigation of any reported sexual assault. If necessary, disciplinary action may be levied against a specific student, student organizations, and/or college faculty or staff determined to be responsible for sexual assault. Both the accuser and the accused maintain the right to be made aware of the outcome of any such proceedings.

If you are a Victim of Sexual Assault (on or off campus)

Get Do Not
Get to Safe Place Do Not straighten up or clean the incident area, bedding, sheets, etc
Contact Seek
Contact the Palomar College Police Department at extension 2289 or any local law enforcement agency by calling 911 Immediately seek medical attention
Do Not Support
Do Not shower, bathe or douche (if female), change or destroy clothing Seek emotional support from a campus resource or local rape crisis center


Rape / Sexual Assault Support Links

Women’s Resource Center

1963 Apple Street

Oceanside, California 92054

760-757-3500 (24 Hour Hotline)


EYE Counseling and Crisis Services
200 North Ash, Suite 110
Escondido, CA 92027
760-747-6281 (24 Hour Hotline)

Center for Community Solutions &
2467 E Street
San Diego, CA 92102
1-888-272-1767 (24 Hour Hotline)

Campus Police Department – Student Code

Student Code Link

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If you are in need of immediate police or medical assistance, locate the nearest phone or have a nearby person call police dispatch at (760) 744-4450 extension 2289.