Miscellaneous Parking Information


•  One vehicle is permitted per parking space in lots that are surfaced and striped for parking purposes-All vehicles are required to park in marked parking spaces only.

•  The speed limit on campus is 15 mph.

•  A Palomar College parking permit shall accompany a disabled placard; however, the vehicle can park in any legal parking space (student, faculty, or staff lot).

•  Parking in areas marked in green shall be limited to 20 minutes.

•  Yellow loading zones are limited to the loading and off-loading of passengers and equipment only.

•  Visitor permits are required in all designated visitor spaces marked in yellow and are limited to two hours.  Students, staff, faculty members and vendors are NOT allowed to park in visitor spaces.

•  Registration/transcript, DMV registration, and license renewal holds will be placed for delinquent unpaid parking citations.

•  All California Vehicle Code violations are applicable and enforced on campus.

•  No guarantee is made or implied as to parking availability.

•  The college assumes no responsibility for fire, theft or damage to any vehicle or contents.  Abandoned cars left on campus over 72 hours will be subject to towing at the registered owner’s expense.

The college is closed from 11:00pm to 06:00am.  Overnight parking is prohibited after 11:00pm unless previously arranged by the Palomar College Police Department.

•  For further information regarding citations and the regulations, contact the Palomar College Police Department, at 760-744-1150, ext. 3499.