Parking Citation Appeals



If you feel you have incorrectly been issued a parking citation by the Palomar College Campus Police Department, you may appeal the citation by completing theParking Citation Internal Review Form.

Upon receipt of this completed form, the Parking Citation InternalAdministrative Reviewer will review the citation, your explanation and the officer’s explanation. You will be notified by mail within 3 to 5 weeks of the panel’s decision. The Parking Citation Internal Administrative Reviewer is the final District authority concerning such reviews on campus.

Follow the steps outlined below before, during, and after any request(s) for appeal or review of issued citations.

  1. The citation should remain in your possession until you receive an official  letter determining the disposition of the citation.

  2. If you have appealed a citation, you are not required to make payment on that citation until you receive a response from the Administrative Reviewer.

  3. Any decision by the Administrative Reviewer will be mailed to the address indicated on the submitted appeal form.

There are two ways to submit a Parking Citation Internal Review Form. 

  1. Online Form (this page)

  2. Visit the Campus Police Department office at the Main Campus*

* During normal business hours

There are three (3) levels  to appealing parking citations (California Vehicle Code 40215 and 40230):

  • Level 1 consists of an appeal/administrative review completed by Adjudication.

  • Level 2 consists of an administrative hearing completed by a qualified hearing examiner either by written declaration or personal conference.  NOTE: Proof of payment of citation is required.

  • Level 3 consists of a court hearing at Vista Superior Court.  NOTE: $25 Court Fees apply.

Parking citations are legal documents.  The Palomar College Police Department personnel who write parking citations are mandated to carry out this authority by the California Vehicle Code and Palomar College.

Under no circumstances shall a personal relationship with any officer, public official or law enforcement agency be grounds for dismissal.

If you have additional questions contact the Campus Police Department at (760) 744-1150 x2289.

This Form Complies with California Vehicle Code Section 40215 (a), (b), (c).

Campus Police will dismiss one citation per semester for “failure to display” a permit as long as you had a valid permit at the time of the citation and were parked in the correct parking lot with the correct permit. You must come to the Campus Police office by the date at the bottom of the citation with your California driver’s license, your citation and your permit. You may park in the designated 20 minute parking spaces by the Campus Police office. You are required to fill out a dismissal form. If you have any questions, click here.  Thank you.  If you have pictures, copies of permit etc.  e-mail  Don’t forget to put the citation number in the subject line.

  • Your Information

  • Citation Information

  • Please enter a value between 1900 and 2015.
  • i.e. Ford, Chevrolet
  • i.e. Mustang, Camaro
  • No spaces
  • Provide specific information detailing why your are contesting the above citation. Please note that the maximum number of characters allowed for this text box is 1000.
  • NOTE: If, upon receiving the Parking Citation Internal Administrative Reviewer's decision, you are compelled to initiate further action, you may request an Administrative review through a source outside the District.

    NOTE: you must post the face value of the citation to Palomar College within 15 calendar days following the mailing of the Parking Citation Administrative Reviewer's decision.