Q & A

Q.  Can I park in any lot with a visitor parking permit?

A.  Visitor parking permits are valid in all student parking lots and the designated yellow spaces in lot 1 at the main campus.  Visitor parking permits are NOT valid in staff parking lots.

Q.  I received a parking ticket from your college but I’ve never been there before, what can I do?

A.  This happens when our processing center misreads a number or letter on the license plate.  The notice unfortunately then goes to the wrong person.  Once we have verified the error we will make all corrections including dismissal of the citation.  You will then receive a letter from our processing center stating the corrections have been made. 

Q.  I have a handicap placard, do I need a Palomar college permit to park?

A.  Yes, a valid student, staff, or visitor parking permit must accompany your handicap placard and you can park in a staff or student lot.  

Q.  I have a parking permit from another college, can I use it at Palomar?

A.  Yes. We honor all staff permits from other colleges. We do NOT honor student permits from other colleges.

Q.  Payment on my ticket was due yesterday, I didn’t have time to pay it, what will happen if I don’t pay the citation on time?

A.  A late fee equal to the bail (citation amount) will be added to the citation.  

Q.  What happens if I don’t pay my citation?

A.  If the cite is not paid at all there will be a hold on your vehicle registration and you will not be able to register your vehicle until the citation bail amount is paid.

Q.  I purchased my parking permit online after the mailing date.  Can I pick it up at the Escondido Center?

A.  Yes, at the Enrollment Services window.

Q.  I was a student last semester but not this semester, can I still get a visitor pass?

A.  Because of our limited visitor spaces anyone coming to the main campus as a potential student or  on student related business will be directed to park in a student lot.  This means if you are here to buy books, see a counselor, register for classes, financial aid etc.  you will be directed to a student lot.

Q.  If I came to campus on a day I don’t have a class can I park in the visitor spaces?

A.  No, if you are a student you must always park in a student parking lot.

Q. How much is a day pass?

A. $5.00

Q. Where are the pay-per-day permit machines located.

A.  The pay-per-day permit machines are located in lots 3, 5, 9 and 12 at the main campus and in lot 1 and 3 at the Escondido Center.  The pay per day machines accepts ATM and credit cards.

Q. Do I need a pass the first day of class.

A. Yes. We no longer have a grace period: therefore, a valid parking permit is required at all times.

Q. If I’m a student, can I park in a visitor space?

A. No.  Students must always park in a student parking lot regardless of what their business is on campus.

Q. Why do I have to buy a day pass to buy a semester pass?

A.  A valid parking permit is required on the first day of the the semester.  This can be avoided if you buy your permit before the semester starts.  Parking permits are available for purchase at least 6 weeks before the semester starts.

Q.  Can I park my motorcycle in an end cap?

A.  No, end-caps are not legal spaces and is a violation of the California Vehicle Code.

Q. Where is motorcycle parking?

A. We have motorcycle spaces in lots 4 and 12, at the main campus.

Q. Can a motorcycle park in a regular parking stall?

A. Yes

Q. Why can’t I receive a visitor pass if I am not enrolled in classes yet?

A. Due do all the construction on campus we have very limited visitor spaces.  Anyone coming for school business such as enrollment, counseling appointment, bookstore, etc. must park in a student lot.

Q. Where is lot 14?

A. Lot 14 is off of Mission Road to the east of campus past east of Comet Circle or west of Mission Road.

Q. If I have a state handicap placard/plate can I park in a DSPS stall?

A. No.

Q. If I have a DSPS placard, can I park in a state handicap stall?

A. No.

Q. Can I park in a handicap stall with only a state handicap issued placard/plate?

A. No, you must have a valid  Palomar College parking permit along with the handicap placard.

Q. Can I park anywhere with a state handicap issued placard/plate with a Palomar College parking permit.

A. Yes, as long as it is a legal parking space and there is no sign stated it is a reserved parking space.

Q. Where do I put my motorcycle permit?

A. Motorcycle permits must go on the left front fork of the motorcycle. Specific instructions are on the permit.

Q. Can I park in lot 9E dirt area (mulch area)?

A. Parking in lot 9E is normally allowed during the first two of weeks of a semester to allow as an overflow parking lot.  After the first two weeks, the facilities department will assess the continued need for the overflow parking lot.  A decision to close the overflow dirt parking lot is made when there is ample parking spaces available.

Q. Do I have to have a permit to park in the dirt lot in 9A?

A. Yes, permits are required in all lots at all times.  

Q. Do I need a permit to park in visitor parking?

A. Yes.

Q. Is there any free parking on campus?

A. There is no-charge for a visitor permit.

Q. Is there a change machine on campus?

A. No.

Q. Do the permit machines give change?

A. No.

Q. If I am here for an athletic event, do  I need a parking permit?

A. If you are a student coming to an athletic event you must park in a student lot with your student permit.  If the event organizer requested special parking for an event we may suspend citing in a designated lot and a permit isn’t needed for visitors.  If arrangements aren’t made by the event organizer a permit is required.  It is always best to check with  Police Department to see if a permit is needed or not.

Q. If I buy a daily pass in one lot is it valid in a different lot?

A. The daily permits are good all day in all student lots on the main campus  and the student lots at the Escondido Center.

Q. Is my daily student permit/student semester permit valid at the Escondido Center and the main campus?

A. Yes.

Q. Do I have to park in a staff stall if I have a staff permit?

A. Staff permits are valid in any staff or student parking lots.  Staff parking permits are NOT valid in the visitor spaces.


Q. Does the green curb mean I do not need a permit?

A. No, you do need a permit when parking on the green curb.  Green curb is for 20 minute parking.

Q. Where are the student parking lots at the Escondido Center?

A. Student lots 1, 2, and 3 are located in the front, rear and side of the main building.

Q. Where is the permit machine located at the Escondido Center?

A. The permit machines are located in parking lots 1 and 3.