Prerequisite Information for Psychology Courses

Based on research on student success in psychology courses and in order to increase the likelihood that our students are positioned to succeed in their psychology courses, the discipline of psychology began enforcing prerequisites for our classes Fall 2013.  Because computer blocking for prerequisites during registration is being phased in gradually at Palomar, you may have been inappropriately allowed to register for a class without having met the prerequisite(s). If you have been allowed to enroll in any of the Psychology courses below without having met the prerequisite, you WILL be dropped the first week of classes. More information about the enforcement process immediately follows the chart of courses and prerequisites. Please be aware that this is a discipline policy and individual faculty may not grant exceptions.

The college approved prerequisites for our classes are:



Psychology 205/Sociology 205: Statistics for the Behavioral Sciences Minimum grade of “C” in either MATH 54, 56 or 60 or 47 “Jump to Stat”, or eligibility determined by the placement process
Psychology 210: Physiological Psychology Minimum grade of “C” in PSYC 100
Psychology 225: Abnormal Psychology Minimum grade of “C” in PSYC 100
Psychology 230: Research Methods in Psychology Minimum grade of “C” in PSYC 100 AND PSYC/SOC 205 AND ENG 100

Prerequisite verification may be enforced at the time of registration for these classes. You may be blocked from enrollment in these courses unless your computer records indicate successful
completion of the prerequisite course work.

If you are a new or transfer student, it is important that you update your records with the Palomar College system.

Students who have completed prerequisite course work at another institution should provide transcript evidence to the Evaluations Office within the Admissions & Records Office. This should be done before attempting to enroll in the course, at least 3 business days prior to your registration appointment date. “Prerequisite Evaluation Request” forms are available in the Evaluations Office, Student Services Center-40. For more information, contact the Evaluations Office at 760-744-1150, x2165, or at

Alternatively, you may submit your official transcripts from another institution to the Student Records Office, and then meet with a Counselor to submit a “Course Evaluation Request” form to the Evaluations Office.

For All Courses with a Psyc 100 prerequisite (Psyc 210, Psyc 225, and Psyc 230):

You must have completed (with a C or better) an Introductory to Psychology course that is comparable to the Psyc 100 class offered at Palomar College.

For Psychology 230:

If the college has no record of you having met the requirement you will receive an email alerting you prior to the start of each term (at the email address you have checked as “preferred” on e-services or at your Palomar email address, it is your responsibility to check this email address). A psychology faculty member will ask you to bring proof of having met EACH prerequisite by the first day of classes. You may bring transcripts from other colleges (with printed catalog descriptions of other courses).

Please note that Psyc/Soc 205 must have been completed BEFORE you take Psyc 230.

To demonstrate you completed English 100, you may supply to your professor:

1) transcript from Palomar College showing you have passed English 100 with a C or better

2) transcript from another college showing you passed the equivalent of English 100 with a C or better

3) results of College Board AP Literature and Composition score of 3, 4, or 5

4) SAT English/Critical Reading score of 500 or above

5) ACT English/Critical Reading score of 22 or above


For information about challenging a prerequisite please refer to the college policy below and found at this link:

A prerequisite or corequisite challenge requires written documentation, explanation of alternative course work, background, abilities, or other evidence which has adequately prepared the student for the target course.

If space is available in the target course when a student files a challenge to the prerequisite or corequisite, the College shall reserve a seat for the student and resolve the formal, written challenge within five business days. If the challenge is upheld, or the College fails to resolve the challenge within the five business day period, the student shall be allowed to enroll in the course. If no space is available in the course when a challenge is filed,the challenge shall be resolved prior to the beginning of registration for the next term and, if the challenge is upheld, the student shall be permitted to enroll if space is available when the student registers for that subsequent term.

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