Service Learning

Palomar College

For Community Partners

Information for Non-Profit Organizations  Partnering with Palomar College’s Service Learning Program


Would you like to have Service Learning Students volunteer with your community organization/program? The First step is to please provide us with your organization’s information on our New Community Partner Intake Form and we will contact you to create a partnership!

Optional: To create a formal partnership between your organization and Palomar College, please fill out the  Memorandum of Understanding
Please send it to Gina Wilson

 Thank you to the great organizations in our community for partnering with us and for making our community a better place!

Current Partners:

If you have any changes to your volunteer needs, or any special events in which you could use Service Learning Students, please email Gina Wilson

Annual Scholarship Award for Excellence in Service Learning

During each semester, Professors and Community Partners are invited to nominate students for the Excellence in Service-Learning Awards. In the Spring, selected students will be awarded the annual Service Learning Scholarship.

 Nominate a student for the Excellence in Service Learning Award!

Nominating a student is a quick and easy process. Just complete the online form.
We appreciate you taking the time to nominate and honor a deserving student.

Service Learning Students nominated for the award, and the award winner will be honored at the Spring  Service Learning Reception in May.
Service Learning Students, Community Partners, and all Faculty will be invited to attend.