For Students

“Community service is such a great thing, and I think it should be included in more college classes. Students hear about what’s going on around the world, but they should also experience it.  It gives you a different feeling compared to learning in the classroom”.  – Palomar College student

How to Get Started:

1. Learn from your instructor expections for your course. Be clear on how many hours are required, and what type of service learning experiences are acceptable for your course.

2. Browse through our Community Partner List Fall 2014 to pick a service learning site that in supports your academic, career, and/or personal goals. If you would like to volunteer at a community organization that is not on this list, contact your professor to get approval.

3. Print out the following Forms:

4. Read through the Service Learning Guidelines and Tips for Success-1

5. Contact the organization via telephone or email. Politely explain that you are participating in Service Learning through Palomar College. Be clear about how many hours you will be committing to this organization, and tell them the times and days you are available.

6. Meet with the site supervisor at the organization before you start volunteering. Take the Service Learning Agreement Form. Have the Student portion filled out in advance. Be sure to include your goals for service learning (what do you hope to do and gain from this opportunity?)

7. Turn in the Service Learning Agreement Form, signed by you and your site supervisor, and the Waiver of Liability form with your signature to your professor.

8. Complete the Online Form for Student Registration

9. Begin your Service Learning. Be sure to follow all of the Guidelines and Tips for Success. Take your Time Sheet with you each time volunteer and have a supervisor sign off your hours.

10. When you have completed your Service Learning experience, ask your supervisor to fill out the Evaluation of Student Performance form.

11. Turn in your Timesheet and the Evaluation of Student Performance form to your professor.

12. Complete the Online Program Evaluation

Thank you for representing our school and making a difference in our community!


For Faculty

“This experience was amazing, I felt really impressed with the work we accomplished. I marveled at the different types of people involved, the young and the old, the jocks and the nerds, the preps and the outcasts”. Palomar College student

If you are interested in discussing partnerships with community agencies for your service learning course, we can suggest some agencies that could meet the goals and objectives of your course. Would you like to have a service learning orientation for your class? Please let us know!

We always like to hear about students’ service learning experiences. With student permission, please share any memorable quotes or portions of a student’s reflection paper with us! Email

Community Partner List Fall 2014

Ideas for Combining Service and Learning

Sample of Reflections


For Community Partners


Send these two forms to Laurel Anderson, Coordinator of Service Learning
via email  or Fax  (760) 761-3516.



Service Learning Department Contact Information

Service Learning Office Location- MD 266
Phone Number: 1 (760) 744-1150 ext. 3734
Fax Number: (760) 761-3516 or

Service Learning Coordinator: Laurel Anderson, PhD
Office:  MD 361
760.744.1150 x5528