Certificates and Recognition

Have your story printed in Palomar College’s Service Learning Book -Learning through Serving.

All Service Learning Students are invited to share their experiences of personal, educational, and career growth and empowerment while spreading knowledge and passion for Service Learning and the organization they served. Please fill out the Submission form for the Service Learning Book, Learning through Serving.


Certificate of Completion, and Graduation Cords & Stoles for Dedicated Service Learning Students.

   Recognition of Service
Students who complete the following requirements for service hours have the option to apply for the following:
  Service Learning Certificate of Completion –  15 hours of service.
  Service Learning Graduation Cord*  –  50 hours of service. Cord cost is $7
  Service Learning Graduation Embroidered Stole* –  100 hours of service. Stole cost is $12
  *Please email gwilson2@palomar.edu if you are interested in a Cord or Stole 


Annual Scholarship Award for Excellence in Service Learning

During each semester, Professors and Community Partners are invited to nominate students for the Excellence in Service-Learning Awards. In the Spring, selected students will be awarded the annual Service Learning Scholarship.
Palomar College is proud to have so many excellent service learning students serving our community and representing Palomar College in a positive light.

 Nominate a student for the Excellence in Service Learning Award!

Nominating a student is a quick and easy process. Just complete the online form.
We appreciate you taking the time to nominate and honor a deserving student.

Service Learning Students nominate for the award, and the award winner will be honored at the Spring  Service Learning Reception in May
Service Learning Students, Community Partners, and all Faculty will be invited to attend.


Congratulations to our 2015-2016 Excellence in Service Learning  Scholarship Award Winners!

Forrest Ponsot, Clarissa Meckstroth, Anna Rameschwar
Carlton Mangonon, Valeria Perez, Ted Mendenhall


Valeria Perez explains in a video  how volunteering as an ASL interpreter for Service Learning was beneficial to her.

Ted Mendenhall shares in a video his experiences with a new community partner,  Traveling Stories.

Pictures of our Award winners in action: