Guidelines for Completing the PRP

Assessment PRP Cycle









STEP II. Evaluation of Program & SLOAC Data

B. SLOACs. Using the Comprehensive SLOAC reports and faculty discussions as a guide, summarize your planned SLOAC activities for courses and programs for the current academic year. 


Possible responses to this question: List the courses and programs and the outcome names to be assessed.

Run SLO Report

For an overview of course and program activities, run the Course/Program SLOAC Summary Report in TracDat

Example Sample statement for this section:  During the 2014-2015 academic year, the X program will assess the following discipline courses: 100, 115, 130 and 140.   In addition to assessing course SLOs, we will assess the “teamwork” program learning outcome (PLO): upon completing the program, students will be able to work collaboratively with peers to problem  solve and communicate viable solutions.