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SLO Department Chair or Designee Responsibilities and Stipend Compensation

Article 12.9   Student Learning Outcomes and Assessment.  The Chair or designee is responsible for leading and coordinating the department’s Student Learning Outcomes and Assessment (SLO) process.  The Chair or Designee shall perform the following duties each Fall and Spring semester:

  1. Participates in SLOAC/TracDat training as requested by the SLOAC Coordinator.
  2. Provides department and/or one-on-one SLOAC/TracDat training to faculty each semester.
  3. Coordinates the development and assessment of SLOs for all disciplines in the department.
  4. Coordinates and ensures that the department’s SLOAC data is inputted and current each semester in TracDat.
  5. Ensures that the department meets the semester and annual goals and timelines established by the Learning Outcomes Council.


(Stipend will be issued at the end of the semester for which SLOAC duties were completed.)

The following form must be completed in order to receive compensation for SLOAC facilitator duties.