Even though it would be temporarily beneficial to me I am not supporting Proposition 30. The following comes from the Christian Citizenship Council of San Diego (http://christiancitizenshipcouncil.blogspot.com/)

“Concerns: Raises ~ $40B over 4 years (sales tax increase) and 7 years (income tax increase). California has highest sales tax in nation; second in income tax (highest if passed). Businesses pay large portion of sales taxes and will pass onto consumer. How much is enough for schools (open-ended)?

Consider: Constitutional balanced budget requirement ignored for years (Eccl 5:4-7), should further fiscal irresponsibility be encouraged by a regressive sales tax and punishing wealth generators? Revenue designated for schools subject to Prop 98 requirements, with excess used elsewhere (bait and switch; Proverbs 20:14). Temporary nature of tax creates dependence and harder problems later (Prov 22:3). There are consequences to accumulated debt (Proverbs 22:7; Psalm 37:21). If legislature incapable of balancing budget now, how will more tax revenue make the process any better (1 Tim 6:10a)? Prior temporary sales tax didn’t “solve” budget problem, why would this (Prov 26:11)?”