Academic Integrity expected of students Statement of Integrity

Chancellor’s Office – After following AP 5530 any student who wishes to appeal the decision should contact the system Chancellor’s Office

Governing Board approved Student Discipline Procedures  – BP 5500

Palomar College Activity Cardinformation on what the Activity Card is and how you may use it.

Palomar College Food Bank – information on how to qualify for the Food Bank

Smoking PolicyBP 3570

Standards of Conductstandards students are expected to maintain on campus – BP 5500

Sexual Harassment Policy – B.P. 3430 – Prohibition of Harassment

Sexual Harassment Administrative Procedure – A.P. 3430 – Prohibition of Harassment

Sexual Harassment Complaint Procedure

Unlawful Discrimination Policy  – B.P. 3410

Unlawful Discrimination/Sexual Harassment Complaint Form

Unlawful Discrimination-Complaint-Procedure.