I have a GRADE DISPUTE.   First talk with your instructor and see if you can come to an understanding.  If not, your next step is to speak with the Department Chairperson.  If you still are having difficulties, then the next step to complete is to speak with the Dean.  At this point if you still have not come to an agreement, you need to complete the Student Grade Dispute Formal Hearing Request Form.

I have a problem with an INSTRUCTOR.  First talk with your instructor and see if you can come to an understanding.  If not, your next step is to speak with the Department Chairperson.  If you still are having difficulties, then the next step is speaking with the Dean

I have an alleged PROBLEM with another student/staff member/instructor.  It is not a grade problem but I would like to file  an Incident Report. Go to SU 201 the Office of Student Affairs, an appointment will be made to see the Director of Student Affairs as well as instructions for any paperwork that needs to be filed. This meeting is confidential.

I want to report an assault .  Go immediately to the Campus Police Office near the main entrance to the campus and file a Complaint Form or go to the Office of Student Affairs (SU 201) and speak with the Director.

I have LOST SOMETHING.  All lost and found items are turned into the Palomar College Police Department (near the main entrance to the school).  If you have lost an item,  register your lost item with the Campus Police Department.

Campus Information:

I want to use a BOOK LOCKER on campus. Book Locker usage is available to all current Student Activity Card holders as one of the Student 2016 fall activity card benefits .  Go to room SU 202 and the student workers will assist you in selecting a locker. A Lock will be issued to you FREE of charge. If you fail to return your lock by the designated date on your contract, a Hold will be placed on your academic records and a $10.00 lock replacement fee will be due to the Office of Student Affairs.  Click on Student Activities Office on the right on side of this page for more information.

I need help with my TEXTBOOKS.  Palomar College has number of avenues to assist with textbooks.

1) The Foundation Office has a Text Book Assistance process.

 2) At the Palomar College Bookstore you may purchase your books or use their textbook rental plan.

3) The Office of Student Affairs has a Textbook Program which allows you to borrow up to $250.00 for textbooks (qualifications) . See the Textbook Program site on the right hand side of this page.  This is a voucher program in partnership with the Palomar College Bookstore.

I want to purchase a PARKING PERMIT.  Go to the cashier window in the Administration Building to pay the amount due.  If you opt to get your Parking Permit when you register you may pay for it on line and the permit will be mailed to you.  Parking Permits are required everytime you park campus.

I need a HANDICAPPED PARKING sticker for parking on campus. A parking pass issued by the Campus Police must accompany a state handicapped identification (placard). Students with Disabled Students Services permits may park in any space not designated for “State Handicapped Permits.”

I need FOOD.  Palomar College has a Food Bank for its students. Click on the Food Bank site on the right hand side of this page.  Complete the  Food Bank Form form and take it to SU 201, Office of Student Affairs.  After review the Office of Student Affairs will have non-perishable food ready for you within 24 hours.  Additional assistance can be obtained at:

I want to JOIN A CLUB.  There are many clubs at Palomar College so check them out.   You may contact the advisors/presidents of all Palomar College clubs through their individual email site which is listed on the club site.  Once a semester the clubs hold Club Rush on the SU Quad allowing all students to ask questions about their purpose, join immediately, and/or get more information before making a commitment.

I want to JOIN THE ASSOCIATED STUDENT GOVERNMENT (ASG).  Go to SU 102 or SU 104 to speak with  current members of the ASG.  They will be able to give you information on joining their team. You may find the requirements on the ASG web site

I need FINANCIAL AID. Go to the Student Services Center (SS) Building and speak with the Financial Aid staff. They will assist you through the process.

I want to join one of the ATHLETIC TEAMSBuilding O (next to the tennis courts) is the place to find the Athletic Director’s office or your may email Scott Cathcart. The Athletic web page will allow you to contact the coach directly regarding your specific interest

I want to TRANSFER to an university.  Contact the Transfer Center located in the Student Services Center (SS) Building.  Appoiontments are not necessary but helpful.

I need to RESEARCH A CAREER. Go to SU 17 and the staff will assist you. They also hold workshops on completing your paperwork, various types of careers, and planning your class schedule.

I need to use the LIBRARY for research. Check the web site for open hours.

I need a Tutor. Click on the Tutoring heading on the right hand side of this page. Tutoring is FREE at Palomar College.

Is there a lactating room I can use at Palomar College? – The lactating room is located in ST-22.  Go to ST-1 for entrance into T-22.