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Would you like free employee fitness classes?

We would like to start providing some more employee fitness classes.  Last year we did a Wednesday morning circuit training class and also did a month of Jazzercise every Friday at noon.

I have two questions:  What types of classes would you like to participate in and what are the best days and times for you?

4 comments on “Would you like free employee fitness classes?

  1. Susan Rogers on

    We”d love to have some employee fitness classes at the Escondido Center. We don”t easy have access to the Wellness Center (during lunch)… We would Pilates, yoga, Jazzercise, weight training… We would even love to have some weight-training equipment on this campus, so we could workout on our own during our lunches. Our neighborhood isn”t the best, so we don”t feel completely safe being out in our “hood” walking or running. Thank you! TEAM LIFE is an amazing program, and we are grateful for all you do to promote employee health.

    • Kelly Falcone on

      Hi Susan! I wish I worked on the Escondido campus just to be able to run some workout classes for you guys! Your group is always so motivated to participate in our TEAM LIFE activities and I am very thankful for that!
      I will try to see if any of our Instructors that work over there would be interested!
      Do you still have the aerobics room? I know there used to be some equipment in there, but I haven”t been over there in years.


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