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Would you come to a Wednesday morning circuit training class?

I am thinking about starting up a Wednesday morning circuit training class, but I need to find out if anyone will join me! (smile)

So, please comment and let me know if you would be interested in a circuit training class Wednesday mornings at 7am.  The class will consist of several different strength and cardio exercises.  You are able to work at your own intensity and we can modify any exercises for you, so it truly is for everyone!

Just comment and let me know!  pass this on to your friends!  If we get about 8 people interested then we will get started on an awesome workout!

4 thoughts on “Would you come to a Wednesday morning circuit training class?

  1. YES! Count me in… I love your kick butt circuit training class!
    I hope a lot of people will join the class! Please email me if it is a GO.
    Thank you Kelly for offering the class.
    Elaine 🙂

    1. Hi Pat,
      No, unfortunately I don’t currently have anything setup specifically for the Escondido campus. However, you can still join activities like the weight loss challenge and weigh-in at the health services in Escondido.

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