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Do you have an ANTI-CANCER diet?

What does an Anti-Cancer diet look like?

How many people do you know that have been diagnosed with cancer?  If we were sitting down together right now I could probably talk to you for hours about the people I personally know that have been diagnosed with cancer.  Cancer is everywhere and effecting so many of us.  What are you doing to reduce your risk?  Wearing sunscreen, exercising, not smoking?  But, is your diet helping to reduce your chances?

Anti-Cancer: A New Way Of Life is a GREAT book.  But, if you don’t want to read the book at least take one hour to watch the following video:

Natural Defenses in Preventing and Treating Cancer

What did you learn from this lecture?


1 comment on “Do you have an ANTI-CANCER diet?

  1. Suzanne Sebring on

    I really enjoyed this video. It is amazing to see the statistics regarding the increase in cancer in the US and how the change in our diet has contributed. The continued and dramatic increase in obesity in the US was also alarming. It definitely confirms that we are on the right path in actively seeking a healthier lifestyle. Go Team Life!


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