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Need a little change in your workout routine?

  • Are you getting bored in the gym?
  • Are you doing the same workout over and over again?
  • Looking for something new?

I tried to adapt some Crossfit workouts so that you can do them in the WFC.  If you are not familiar with Crossfit please check it out!

Click here to view some new, fun, dynamic workouts!

2 comments on “Need a little change in your workout routine?

  1. Suzanne Sebring on

    Thanks, Kelly. I love that you put these together for us. I really enjoy the circuit class on Wednesday mornings and wanted another class or some ideas on how to do this on my own. I do have a couple of questions I need to get with you on (like…What is a goblet squat?). I will have to set up a little session to get some clarification and/or demonstrations from you. 🙂


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