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“Biggest Loser” TV participants: Diet + Exercise best for weight loss!

“NIH Confirms ‘Biggest Loser’ Method Works: A National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases senior investigator and colleagues analyzed data from 11 participants on the reality TV show. They concluded diet matters more for weight loss than intensive exercise, and more moderate lifestyle changes are enough to keep the weight off.”

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What do you think?  What has helped you most to lose those unwanted pounds?  For me I can honestly tell you that only working out a lot did NOT do it for me.  For me, it has been about changing what I choose to eat.  How about you?

1 comment on ““Biggest Loser” TV participants: Diet + Exercise best for weight loss!

  1. Suzanne Sebring on

    I definitely need to work out AND diet pretty hard in order to lose weight. I’ve made a commitment to change my lifestyle to include the green smoothie for breakfast, and at least three hour-long workouts a week. I’m hoping that by making these changes part of my regular routine, I won’t have to diet hard to maintain my weight once I’ve reached my goal.


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