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How to subscribe to the TEAM LIFE Blog

Download (PDF, Unknown)

Here is handy “how to” sheet with the three steps to subscribe to the TEAM LIFE feed.

2 comments on “How to subscribe to the TEAM LIFE Blog

  1. catherine parshalle on

    I thought the Fork over Knives video was great. I have gone completely organic except for when I go out to eat. Losing weight in a group format has been a good motivator. I have enjoyed being a participant and look forward to losing more weight.

  2. Alonna Farrar on

    More sponsors have made Genetic Roulette free until 10/31. Promote this to every one you can!
    Dale Stroub
    YES on Prop 37
    San Diego Volunteer
    Genetic Roulette Movie
    Genetic Roulette Movie, The Institute for Responsible Technology

    I have purchased this video if anyone would like to see it after the free viewing today. Thanks, Alonna Farrar, x3086


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